Friday 21 August 2009

A wrapped up little parcel...

This morning, Holly went out to do her 'business' and found herself a little friend..


Yep.. a cutesy lickle Hedgy.

We had a badminton net up in the garden, which had fallen over overnight, and as the hedgie was walking around, she got herself tangled up in the net so tight she couldn't move. We cut the net so she was loose, then took her to the vets to get the rest of the net off her. They checked her over and gave her the all clear. She weighed 350g, so is just a little tot really. Cute or what..

Here are a few more pictures I managed to get of her before she packed up her suitcase and carried on her travels - and the badminton net? Well, that's wrapped up and put away.





  1. Oooh... so cute... and even so sweet!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Saskia :)


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