Wednesday 19 August 2009

Tea please - no milk or sugar!

Well... what a day yesterday.

I've been feeling a little off it for quite a while now since 'the' accident, and after doing a bit of self interrogation, me and hubby decided I must be intolerant to wheat. So, for the last few months I've been following a relatively wheat gluten free diet. I don't mind it, I can still bake with the gluten free flour, and check labels on things. However, I have still on occasions felt worn out, headachey, sicky, etc etc.. So yesterday I went into town to have my food intolerance test done.

I was there most of the morning, and to my suprise, wheat isn't my problem.. barley is. Along with yeast, dairy products, oats, rye, (so basically gluten!), broccoli, oranges, tomatoes, carrot, peaches, tea, coffee, aspartame, soya.. and the list went on and on.. but looking at the symptoms I had mentioned - and suprisingly he hadn't dropped to sleep! - he thought the main problem I have was dairy products and yeast, along with tea and coffee.

So from now on, I'm only drinking herbal tea (which I don't mind, as I drink nettle tea regularly anyway), dandelion tea in the morning to get rid of the bloating and water retention and rice milk as an alternative to cows milk, I can't have soya as I do have an allergy to that anyway if I have too much. Watch this space - there'll be a mad woman blogging on here shortly! No caffeine = not happy Jo! Sigh.. if it makes me feel better eh?

The yeast was a suprise.. but made perfect sense. I don't eat regular bread, but still very occasionally have the gluten free stuff, or make my own with gluten free flour. But I still have yeast. Obvious really when you think about it.

Anyway.. here's to a more positive Jo, who hopefully will be feeling better after ingesting all my healthy acidophalus probiotics (dairy free!) and physillium husks.. sounds great doesn't it?

Wish me luck...... !


  1. You know where I am if you need me chick!

  2. I just had to leave you a comment Jo. Although I am not allergic to any of the foods you mention, except oranges I think, I really feel for you. But I do hope that changing your diet changes your life for a good way X


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