Thursday 24 May 2007

Ding dong.. postman calling!

Wow.. Look what I recieved this morning.. What a great start to the day.

It came from Jackie (okeydokey) from Carolyn's forum. As part of one of the challenges, we need to send a RAK to someone and I got this. The photograph doesn't really do it justice to how lovely it is! Thankyou Jackie.
Other than that, I've had a good productive day. Not done anything I needed to, just faffed.. like you do.. anyway result was two cards and two scrapbook pages. I can use them as samples for my demo's, so all is not lost eh?
That's about it for today.. off to make fajita's for dinner for the kids. Bye for now x

Wednesday 23 May 2007

Challenges again.

Well.. I was going to have a productive day today, but got going on a couple of challenges and some samples, so didn't actually produce very much.. haha..

Anyway.. what I did produce I think's quite nice really..

This was for a comp on bex's forum. The theme was Haute Couture, so I decided to go for it and make a shop window with some dresses that I would never possibly fit into!!!!! But hey!

This butterfly one was for a card template challenge, again on Bex's Forum.. Really enjoyed doing this one. I used a couple of Docrafts medallion stamps, embossed in gold and then used the whispers strokes pens to watercolour .

On a roll.....

well. I have just uploaded my efforts for the big challenge on Carolyn's forum.. Here are what I've done so far....
This was challenge 5. Stamp the same image three times.. I used the flower heads to stamp a bit of a border for the bottom. I chalked the image.

This one was for the Mans card challenge. You needed to make three men's cards, so this was number one. I used the new stuff from Docrafts, and the medallion I think looks pretty good! I decorated it with some gems.

This one was made using papers and an image from the paper pack. I can't remember who's paper it was. I'm not overjoyed with this card.. green isn't my favourite colour, but I don't have that much 'mans' stuff about really.

This one I'm quite happy with. I used the same paper pack that the green came out of.. will have to look up the pack name!!! Anyway, just did a bit of creative tearing on this one haha., very therapeutic!

This card was for challenge 1. 'A card with a buckle'. The buckle was cut out and embellished with a few sticky gems. I embossed the top with the docrafts brass stencils, and just ran an ink pad over it to give it a bit of shadow. The paper is the from one of the new mini album packs they have just bought out.. I love my buckle.. think I'm going to have to make some more!

I don't know why this one won't move over the other side for me.. any helpers out there?? This blog thing is taking some getting used to I can tell you!!!!

This one was made for challenge 7. A card for no reason.. It was just a simple card with no greeting on. Looking at the list it has to be posted on later.

So that's all I've done so far.. will have to get my finger out and get some more finished..

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Playing Catch up

I decided to come and write my blog entry for today before I go and get busy..

I have loads to do today, and I have a feeling I'm going to be sitting in my craft cabin busying all day! Loads to catch up on after the weekend.. not to mention doing all the samples for my demo next week. Oh well.... the joys of life eh?

I am wanting to get on and finish most of the entries for my circle journal I'm doing, and also some cards etc for the Big Challenge on Carolyn's forum. I also have some freelance design work to be completing for tomorrow and a few other bits and pieces.. Oh nearly forgot the inchies! they're another challenge I've got to get started now my head's not so frazzled! They're a challenge I have signed up for on Bex's forum, never done them before so that's be fun!

Oh well.. going to go and make a start.. Toodaloo for now.. xx

Monday 21 May 2007

Oh what a weekend!

I'd like you to meet Asti.

It's been a bit of a sad weekend here.

On Friday, we were left with no choice but to put our baby, Asti, to sleep. She had been battling cancer for the last two and a half years, since she was diagnosed and given six months at the most. She had been doing fantastic, when a week last Wednesday she started to seem a bit fed up with things. We thought she was just having an 'off' few days like she sometimes did, and then pick up, but she didn't. We gave her a week to see if she started to feel a little better, but last Wednesday when OH tried to take her in the car up to the woods for her walk, she couldn't jump in it as she always had. Then on Thursday couldn't get up the stairs, or on the bed for her cuddles, and on Friday couldn't stand up at all. Her back legs wouldn't get up. So we decided that this was enough. She had looked at me and OH as if to say 'do something' and felt we had no choice.

I know she's safe and well, with all her friends and also my Tasha, our dobermann who died at six months old. They're all fine, and together, at Rainbow Bridge. So long my dearest baby. You were fantastic!

Thursday 17 May 2007

What a Cutie!

Mwhaaaaaa.. I think I'm getting the hang of a couple of bits.. I've uploaded a piccie.. now can I do it again with a scrapbook page I made??

I just soooooooo love this picture.. and the li'l girl in question hates it!!!!! It's my youngest, who was then around 4 years old. How cute was she?

The photo corners were made using the ornate stamps, and the die cuts and letters are docrafts newbies.. I am loving these...

Ornate Stamps

Hi again.
I am just having a play with this blog thing.. seeing as how I started one I may as well get to know how to use it hadn't I?
This card I have made using one of the new ornate stamps from docrafts. They make perfect butterflies. The paper is from the wedding mini scrapbook kits, also docrafts. I heat embossed the wings and added some glitter to give a bit of sparkle.

Oh my Lord, what have I done??

Well... I took it as a challenge from Bex's forum, and here is my first piece of chat! It is an awfully long time since I kept a diary (!!) so maybe this will inspire me.

Actually, I have been getting a bit addicted to Blogs recently... I always read other people's blogs and find them quite fascinating (and very time consuming! haha). I love how they look and all the little quirky bits that are on them... don't expect too much of this one will you? I'm a bit technically challenged sometimes!

Well. Happy reading.. Bye for now.
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