Sunday 25 March 2012

Last one...

How are you all today?

I thought I'd just drop by to share this last card with you.. I will get around to taking a photo of the other cards and upload them at some point, but this was one that I've not shared before with you, so there you go...


Again, this was one of the demos I did on Thursday, and I just love the colours on this card - the papers etc are from the Nostalgia range of Born to Shop, and the colours are right up my street...


I called this my scrap card, as to create it, I've just used up lots of little scraps and bits of paper, even the roses above are cut and curled from a square of an offcut.. but they look really lovely, and are soooooo easy to make!

I thought I'd just show you a close up of the rub on.. can you see how detailed they are?

They are just so lovely. I love the Born to shop range, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with it.. I hope you enjoyed the shows too as much as I did.

So... onto this week, and I'm doing the Paper Clinic on Monday, but some other shows have been postponed ... so busy busy busy....

Whatever you're upto, I hope you enjoy yourselves.. don't forget to let me know what you've been creating, and if it's the Born to Shop range, I'd love to visit!!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Go Green...

Today's selection is from the Go Green selection that was on the Born to Shop shows. I really like the colours in this collection, very funky.. and the designs are perfect for me, as I really like to garden - in fact, my greenhouse is blooming as we speak!! Cabbages are coming on a treat and the lettuces and cucumbers are sprouting! All very exciting!!


So this first card was from the decoupage pack, and I really like the sayings... although I do wish the weeds would weed themselves as this is my least favourite part of gardening I must say.


Just look at the detail in the designs... this is what makes these images so special.. a great addition to my cup collection!


This was the stepper card that I made on the first show on Wednesday. These card shapes are great and I opted to use this one just as it was meant to, instead of chopping and folding like I normally would.


I even made a little decorative hanger.. and I think this will hang in my craft room when it's been redecorated.


And packaging?? Don't forget to use every little element you can off it.. the wording on this card came from the back of the pack, and I just chopped it and plonked it across the bottom of the card.


I've layered it up using foam pads on some of the words, just to add dimension.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Today, I'm working up at the Range in Doncaster, and I'm sure we're going to have a fab day!

Happy Crafting everyone!!

Friday 23 March 2012


I've just had it pointed out to me that when you leave a comment, there is a word verification on there... this should now be removed...

I don't know how it was left on, as I always, always take it off... So sorry if anyone has had to go through the hassle of filling in stupid phrases on my blog.. but thank you for leaving your very much appreciated comments.. lol.

It should be off, and it should never re appear.. but if it does.. just let me know. xx

Born to shop...

The two shows are over, and I'm back home and avidly making samples for the weekends demo's, and also some more shows next week on Create and Craft... it's all go you know! No rest for the wicked.. lol.. So will you be there joining me on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? I hope so...

So, Born to Shop... what a bargain that was for the Compendium! I can't quite believe the price, and there were some boooooootiful things on sale too! I mean, glitterations????!!!! How can you live without them?

I managed to take a few photographs of the cards that I demo'd and also took with me... so here are a few of them.


This was one of my quick demos... and for this I combined the Bubbles range of papers and stickers with the lovely glitterations.. and no.. I didn't joke about not being able to add up.. honestly, I'm hopeless at Maths.. and spelling!! lol.


This was a sample I made from the Go Green pack of decoupage. I really love the combination of colours in this pack.. lime green is very 'in' at the moment, and combined with the softer hues of blue and green, it looks really classy.


Unfortunately, I never did get time to show how to use the embossing folder as a stamp, but this card has been worked very slightly differently.


What you need to do is emboss the image as you usually would, onto plain card, then I've just taken a black pencil and rubbed very lightly over the top of the embossing to give it an edge.

You can then colour the image in as you usually would - for this one, I used watercolour pencils.


I did the same with this image too. Now because the images are quite large, I've kept the backgrounds quite simple, and just matted and layered them onto white card.

I hope you like the selection today. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more to share.

See you there!!

Wednesday 21 March 2012

It's all go....

Phew... anyone know where I can catch my breath?

This week has been a whirlwind so far! I've been up and down the country, and totally enjoyed myself with it too.

On Saturday, I was down at Create and Craft doing a bit of this, and a bit of that.. and I had a really good day.

Sunday and Monday I was down in Bath, filming for Creativity TV... and we had a great time. We were joined by a new videographer called Pete.. he's really nice, so friendly and has such a pleasing manner about him. He shot two of the vids, and my buddy Alun did the other two. Such fun.

We arrived on Sunday, slightly earlier in the afternoon so that I could have a walk around Bath to see a few things, and it was lovely. Victoria Park is really pretty, with lots of duckies and such lovely views too. We ended up going for coffee at Patisserie Valerie... and OMG!!!! It was lovely. Well, I say coffee, it was a cream tea.. but not one you've ever seen the likes of before!!! It was filling, let's say!

Anyway.. here are a few quick snaps of the day - I forgot to take my camera, so mobile had to do the work...

This was taken from a bridge that went over what I think is the River Avon... only I had a slight accident... !

You see, after I took this first photograph, I decided to put my phone away, and it's always had its own little Tatty Teddy phone sock... well, no more ! It decided on a fluke flirt off into the river, and was last seen bobbing quite happily along the river with the waves created by this really lovely waterfall.. I was gutted!

It does look pretty though, eh? A nice place for Tatty to take a dive me thinks!

And look here.....

This cottage is up near Victoria Park. It is so pretty, but I didn't like to get too close to take a photograph, as it's obviously someones house... the details on the eaves of the house are well pretty!

So, besides being in Bath, I am just back from my show this evening down on Create and Craft, and I've a really busy few days ahead too. Well, theoretically, I do get to have Friday afternoon without work... Then back to the grindstone until Wednesday. I'm not revealing what's coming up just yet, but my oh my... my little brain is loving it all!

Whatever you're upto this week, or did last week, please leave me a comment and let me know.. and I'll nip over to your corner of the web to say Hi back!

Happy Crafting!
Jo xxx

Sunday 18 March 2012

Multishaper.. what a bargain!

Hello everyone!!! How are you all?

Today, I'm off down to Bath for the night as I'm filming for Creativity TV tomorrow... I really love doing these video's, they're such great fun!

This week, I've got quite alot on really.. in fact, for the next few weeks I'm quite busy - I'm not going to chase my tail though because following my new routine, I'm getting really organised!! Nothing is really left to the last minute, and I feel soooo much better for it! Much less stressful.

I do have quite a few shows booked in on Create and Craft too, so I'll let you all know when they are when I have my diary with me..

so, onto today's projects, and I want to share you some Multishaper cards. Have you seen the punch? Loads of punches on one platform - they're fantastic!! Corners, borders, squares, circles, ovals... you name it, it has it all! You can see them HERE on the Docrafts site.


On this mini card I used the square shape, which sort of turns out quite rounded..


The centre was punched from the 2" scallop circle punch. It fits in the space created quite perfectly. And isn't the image cute? I love, love, love the New Arrival decoupage set... in fact, all of this range is fab!

And here are some other shapes you can create too.


This is the Blossom punch that I used here. Can you see the detail in the punch? Amazing! I love it.


On this card, I've used the borders and corners to create the various shapes. I finished it with some of the metallic butterflies which we had in our demo kits a couple of months ago.

Very bright, but I love the colours.. I hope you do too!

Saturday 17 March 2012

Fantastic plastic...

And it's all about Templates...


So, today I'm down at Create and Craft, and I hope this scheduled post comes on on time! Maybe I'll have to check later to make sure.. lol..

So, the sneeky peek is one of the waterfall card template and there are LOADS of them available... check them all out over on the Docrafts site HERE... but as I say, this one is the waterfall card.


All the measuring and everything is done for you on the templates, which makes life alot easier!! And here are a few of the others that I used on the shows I did..

This one is the bow -


and I turned it into a bauble type of decoration, just by using the multishaper punch behind it to add the shape in gold. Again, I kept the card quite simple as the bow makes it look wonderful.


Now... this little cutie...


As I was browsing the Docrafts website last week, I came across THIS project by the very talented Katy Godbeer.. so as I only had a few moments to finish what I was doing before I finished for the night, I made a rough sketch of it, and this was my very quick version... still prefer Katy's though - that is one cute chickadee!!


This box above is one that I used the hexagonal template for. I extended the box to create it slightly longer for something bigger to fit in, or as favour boxes for weddings where you'd like to share a few chocolates.

The box below is the cupcake template.


This is the larger version of the cupcake, and on the template you get two sizes.. this one and a smaller one.. very nice eh?!

Okay.. so that's all for today. I hope you've had a brilliant day crafting, don't forget to share what you've been making. I'd love to pop over for a look. xx

Friday 16 March 2012

Fancy schmancy markers...

Yep - they definately are. This is what I'm sharing with you today... it's all about markers.

The markers I've used on this project, can be found HERE on the Docrafts site. And I think they're lovely...


This is the full card, and below I'll tell you how I created it.


So, I began with a Kraft card, and then cut the front off leaving a section at the top to put my acetate onto. I had some of the Birdsong filigree paper left, so decided to add that onto the acetate to create the design.

The marker pens were used to colour in some of the sections of this paper, and they leave a wonderful metallic look to the card ... and the best bit?? You can use them on black card or white card, and the result is stunning on both!


Doesn't it look lovely?

The card below was made using stamps, pigment ink and chalks.. and the greeting was embossed with the pack of folders we had on the show.


The pens were used on this card to add some shine to the greeting - colour onto a glass mat with the markers, then quickly pick up some of the colour onto a dry baby wipe and rub over the wording... it leaves a great shine - although you can't see it too well on the card.


The folders are amazing - but I don't tend to use a machine to emboss these as they are too thin. I just use a bone folder, or something hard, to rub over the top of the folder with the card inside.

I hope you liked today's projects.... here's your sneeky peek for tomorrow!

Guess what it is? check back tomorrow and all will be revealed.

I am going to schedule my post in for Saturday as I'll be off to Peterborough for a visit to Ideal World... and I'm there with the remainder of the Pick of the Day. Did you catch it??? Did you like it??? I know I did!!

Until then, Happy Crafting!!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Busy, busy, busy....

Hello all !!

How is everyone??

Today, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the items from last Sunday's show, and today, I'm focusing on the Stitching templates that we had on the day. You can find them HERE on the Docrafts site. There are a few different ones that you can get hold of, and they are all equally as nice.

So, without further ado... here's the first project..


I like to keep the cards quite simple when you are using something really lovely, like the dimensional daisy punch and the stitching.. So perfect for baby cards.


This little close up above shows the stitching in slightly more detail. I used the phrases set on this card, and then teamed it up again with the Daisy's, which have been popped off altogether instead of leaving them within the paper.


See... doesn't the stitching look lovely? I really like the rustic feel of the finished result.


I created a little wall hanger from one of the chipboard books, and again, kept it quite simple.


And a little gem in the centre of the flower just adds that extra bit of something.

I really hope you like the projects I've shared with you today... here's a little sneaky peek of the projects for tomorrow... can you guess what I used on this set?


Monday 12 March 2012

Bootiful Boofle and a busy few days..

Now then.. confession time!

There aren't many things that make me go a bit gaga, (well, maybe more than I think.. ) but I'm afraid to say Boofle is one of the things that do!

I love him. He's a little doggy, so how can you not? I like to collect rubber stamps of doggies, all types, I'm not fussy, even if I never intend to stamp them.. but if they look like a spaniel then all the better.. anyway, I digress..

Boofle. He's lovely, and he reminds me of my Scooby. Cute and cuddly, with a round tum. Lol.

And the kit that we have from Docrafts for the next couple of months has plenty of this little fella. Do you wanna see? Well, here you go...


I think it's the texture of him that makes him stand out from the crowd.. not quite so cute and fluffy, but still wonderful. I have a few Boofle things - including a keyring for the car keys. I'm just Booflesitting that though, as it's my daughters.. lol.


So, this is one of the Designer Decoupage sheets that I've cut out and placed very simply onto a card. The next one below, is a stamp that's available from all Docrafts stockists.


I created a little easel card from a plain square card, and kept the layout quite simple. In the stamp pack, you get a Boofle outline and a silhouette ( a shadow style stamp). You can also buy a set of texture stamps... so what I did was ink up the texture stamp with a brown ink, then 'kiss' the silhouette stamp onto the texture to pick up the ink. I then stamped it off to create a lighter colour and stamped onto the card. I took the outline, inked it up in the same brown ink then stamped over the silhouette to create the outline.


I think you can just about see the texture on him. I then added a tiny bit of water to some areas to create a shadow or two, and finished him with a button on his tum and gloss on his sunglasses.

I hope you like him, and the cards, just as much as I've enjoyed working with him.

I did have every intention of posting earlier than I have, but time has just flown again.. I'm sure it's just a sign of getting older!!!

This past weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind.. starting on Friday, which was lovely as me and the hubby went to meet up with our daughter in town for a coffee.. just a flying visit as she wasn't feeling too great, and we needed to nip some paperwork into the solicitors.. but as always, it's really lovely to catch up with her for a natter.

Then, Saturday, I was down in Derby to demo at a shop I've never been to before.. Reams. To begin with, I got myself in a flap because I couldn't find where I needed to be. Sally Satnav was being a plonker and I've since decided that the flyover and dual carriageway in Derby is my new best friend!

Anyway, I got to the shop, and there were some familiar faces, and lots of new ones.. what a little hive of goodness that shop is too! I confess, I did buy a Pink Pig book.. just the one, but it did start out as two! But I relented as they can be a bit addictive.. what was that? You've never heard of them? My oh my... you'd better visit HERE to see them... they are Luvverly!! I first used them when I was doing my A level art, and honestly.. they're great!

So, as I say, I did have a £5 spend.. lol.. but we also had lots of fun, laughter and shared loads of ideas. So, if you're reading this.. thank you so much for coming along, you made my day.

Then Sunday was Create and Craft day. I was there for 10am, as I was doing the Tool Shed with Dean at 12.. he's such a lovely chap.. so funny. I was back on at 5pm with Debbie, showing the tools again, and techniques used.. so if you missed any of the demo's, let me know and I will try to explain how to use the items on the show.

Today was a bit more relaxed, as I spent the day planting my seeds in the greenhouse. Hopefully by the end of summer, we'll have a garden full of veg, fruit and lots of lovely flowers! This evening I got stuck into making cards for my craft class tomorrow evening.. and I'm a happy bunny as everything is now cut, packed and ready to go.

So.. that's me up to date, news and all. What have you been upto? Don't forget to drop by and tell me, and leave me a link to your blog.. I can then come a-hopping over to say HI back!!

Until next time... Happy Crafting!

Jo xx

Friday 9 March 2012

Pretty peacocks..

After my post yesterday, I am sooooo glad that you love the fairies from Docrafts. I think they're just so pretty.

Today though, I want to share the other beauties in my kit - the new Dimension stickers.

This card was just a very quick one I did to play with two of the peacocks that I'd had made up for a few months - I got these to do Creativity TV a while back, and couldn't decide what to use - so instead of them going to waste because they were already built up, I plopped them onto a card.

Aren't they just beautiful. I must admit, I agree with the feedback that I got, that they look really nothing in the packaging... but take them out, build them up, and they are all brill!


Lovely aren't they? They're slightly different from the normal dimension stickers, in the fact that there are around four or five sections that build up on top of each other, and there are a range of designs to choose from. You can see a collection of the ones available HERE.

If you use them on a project, leave me a link and I'll add a link to your projects from this post.

Righty-oh... must get on. I've got a busy day today with lots of sample making, the totally lush DVD (that is being released on Tuesday on Create and Craft) to have a browse through and play (of course - just for research purposes!!)

Whatever you're upto today, have a great day - have lots of creative fun!


Thursday 8 March 2012

Enchanting fairies...


The new Enchanted Fairies range from Docrafts is just beautiful.. I love the pastel colours, I love the papers because they are very blingy and glittery, and have a lovely texture, and most of all, I love the fairies.. they are just beautiful.

Here's one card I've made for my demo's.


I decided to keep the background really simple, just by using one of the papers from the A4 pack. The design is printed so delicately that it lends itself to whatever colour palette you choose to use.

And the fairies? Well... just look!


Isn't she pretty? I'm not sure if this is Kylie... Did you know that they're based on famous people? I didn't! But, there's apparantly Amy Winehouse, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue and Posh Spice... lol.


And to finish it off, I created a little flower using tissue paper.

So today, I'm continuing to create a storm in my craft room - although last night I did have to have a little bit of a tidy up before starting again today! I'm creating samples for the Tool Shed show on Sunday - and we have lots of lovely items going on the show.

What are you upto? Whatever it is, Happy Crafting, and don't forget to share your link!

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Me again...

I just wanted to show you a quick card that I found on my hard drive earlier... and I don't think I've shown it before, so here it is..

I really like this card, and I love how the colours went together.. it was a very quick card I wanted to take to a follow up appointment at the hospital.

This is the card in full... quite simple, with a very simply layout.. but you know, I think these are often the best types!

I hope you like it too... I enjoyed making it..

I'll be back tomorrow with another card to show you.. something from the demo I had last weekend.

Oh.. before I forget... here's the daft birdie that we had to rescue earlier today..

It's not a brilliant picture, but you can see the little sparrow sitting on the edge of the feeder, munching it's way through a ton of food...

You see, this is what happened.. the woofers were taking an unusual interest in the bottom of the drainpipe and when I looked, couldn't see anything, so thought it was a little mouse that sometimes feeds on the bird table. I looked again later, and realised that the 'mouse' had a beak! It didn't quite sink in that there could possibly be a little birdy down the drainpipe!!

Anyway, we duly dismantled the guttering as it was the only way to remove the pipe, and there it was... a cute little sparrow. I lifted it out and it flew straight to the feeder to get something to eat and have some water. Bless it, little thing... I don't know how long it had been there.. now all we need to do is rebuild the guttering and put the downpipe back where it should be! I have put some chicken wire over the top of the pipe now, so this shouldn't happen again.

It bought back lots of reminders of why we have a hole in our sitting room wall with an air vent cover over... that was a starling that fell down the chimney, and the only way we could get it out was to drill through the wall! Fun times!

Anyway... until next time!

Happy Crafting!!
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