Thursday 26 November 2009

What a life....

Oh boy.. it's Thursday already!

This is the last two days in a nutshell..

  • Shoebox collection
  • stampin up meeting
  • Shoebox collection 
  • stampin up meeting - more news on this later!
  • three hours in storage unit trying to fit in shoeboxes
  • Shoeboxes again..
Today -
  • Birmingham rubber stamping demo day
  • Shoebox drop off
  • Storage unit delivery
  • Three hours later - 9.45.. lots more boxes.. lots more dropoffs.. 

As much as I love the soldiers, and my job with SOS.. there are times I don't like shoeboxes!
So.. sorry there isn't a card to show you .. I've got some shoeboxes if you'd like to see? lol

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Sparkly and Bright

I absolutely love this little stamp set. It's so cute!

Here is a little card I made today. I was inspired by a card that Monica had at the last Stampin Up training event that we went to earlier this month, and I couldn't wait to try it. This stamp set works wonderfully with the masking technique too.

I hope you like it.

It's not as time consuming as some of my other projects that I have done, but they say Less is More and Keep it Simple.. so there you go! Simple.. Less.. all in one go! lol.

I have a bit of a busy day again today - never mind, it'll soon be Christmas and all my christmas parcels, packing and wrapping will be done! Yep.. shoeboxes again! This morning, I'm going to Pontefract I think, to pick up some boxes, then I'm off to see a lovely lovely lady called Sheila who is wanting to find out more about Stampin Up. This afternoon sees another delivery or two of boxes to me.

Tomorrow, I am off down to Birmingham to do a Rubber Stamping Workshop for a craft group, so that would be great - if only I can get the bloomin' samples finished.. lol. Lots of prep must mean I'm not sleeping tonight !

Have fun today whatever you're doing.


Monday 23 November 2009

Christmas Extravaganza..

Hi everyone.. how are you all doing? At least the wind has died down a little now, but by 'eck.. it's still cold!

I'm getting up shortly as I'm at the hospital at 8.30 at physio.. so dead exciting that is!

I thought I'd post a little reminder though, about the Christmas Extravaganza.. Here are the specials - which one would you like?

There are some lovely items on there.. And don't forget The Gift-Giving Guide has ideas for kids, teens, neighbours, scrapbookers, and more! Plus, from 1 November-29 December 2009, receive a FREE Tag or Small Tag punch (a £12.50 value!) when you spend £45 on products from this guide. It's well worth it - and remember, you can use it as part of the Wish List (over here ->->->)

And guess what else?? It's almost that time again Folks... Yep.. it's nearly the Stampin Up Sale-a-bration time again!!
Only another few more days to wait and I can reveal more..


Saturday 21 November 2009

Dibble Dabble Dob...

Today, I've been doing a little Dabble Day over in Blyth with Kim and her lovely set of fantastic helpers. I have a really great day, although my back is now feeling the worst for wear. lol.

This is the card that we made throughout the day. It's quite a simplish card but was aimed at the beginner/intermediate learners.

We did six rounds of ladies throughout the day, 45 minutes on each project, and it was absolutely buzzing. The best bit of it was when Kim said she wanted me to become part of her team. How proud was I? So, I'll be doing more Crafty days for her next year. Brilliant!

Carrying on with parchment craft, here is a card I made previously, which has now been sent with alot of others to Lynne in Sheffield to hopefully inspire people into taking parchment classes. So, if you're interested, just contact me. We're hoping to fit in a sampler day before christmas, and classes to start next year.

Here is the card in a little more detail.

Right.. that's me off for this evening. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. xx

Thursday 19 November 2009

A little challenge... and a little fun - gi..

I've just noticed whilst writing this post that there are some new little icons on the top of my post bit...  how fancy shmancy!

Anyway.. back to business..

Today saw another challenge over on LOTV, and I managed to get my card finished and uploaded in time.. that is a novelty.. lol. I had taken a break over the last few weeks with the challenges as I had a bit too much on, but now things are settling down a little - and it's only 39 days to christmas!! - I thought I'd get back in the routine.. lol.

Here's my card.

The papers are all Stampin Up, and I've finished off the card with a little charm, some flowers and a few pearly gems. I love this lickle image too.. so cute!

Also, here's the mushroom I was telling you about the other day.

Now how many mushroom stroganoff's can you make with this? What a corker..

And lastly, a little piccie of Truly for you.

When we walk in the woods, all the woofers hunt out water in the trees. Some people put plastic tubs in the bottom of the holes so that they fill with water, and other trees just collect it without the help of tubs. They all enjoy drinking out of the holes, although I check before hand that it smells fresh and is clean.

Here's little Truly having her slurp -

I know it's not a totally clear picture, but it was a quick one off my phone.. sorry.

Right.. I'm back to sorting out my SOS mail, chasing up parcels and tomorrow I'm having a crafty sorta day, I'm making some special samples for the Stampman - or actually stamp woman - Jill! I've already made a few, but more to go yet. lol.

See you soon.

PS.. don't forget about my Wish List post underneath, or check out my site here.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

What are you getting for Christmas?

Stampin' Up! Christmas Wish List Service

Do you know what you want for Christmas?
Would you love to recieve Craft goodies, but anyone you ask doesn't know what you want?
Then this is the perfect solution.

Fill in my Wish List form here and mail it back to me which I will safely store for you. Then give your family/friends my contact details when they ask you what you'd like for Christmas. They can contact me and between us, we can select what Stampin' Up! goodies to purchase off your Wish List according to their budget and I can even organise to have them delivered either direct to your door or have them sent here for wrapping and collection/delivery.

How easy is that? What a happy reindeer you'll be knowing that you'll get some craft goodies you've been wishing for!

For a copy of the Wish List form or more information, please email me on Please remember that orders need to be placed before the 4th December to ensure delivery.

Alternatively, if a Gift Voucher is more your thing, I can arrange to have these in any denomination for your family/friends to purchase from me. These have no expiry date and can be used at any time.

Both of these can be used with your Loyalty card.

Time?? What's that?

Rush Rush Rush... that's all I seem to ever do these days!! This week is another hectic one with SOS things coming out my ears - not that I'm complaining, oh no! And I'm sure neither will the troops out there when they get their Christmas boxes!

Apart from this, I've been busy sorting things out for this weekend.. I've got a Dabble Day to do over in Blyth for Kim, so getting prepped for that.

Last week saw another one of the brilliant Passionette meetings.. I love these. A group of Monica's Stampin Up downline meet up to have  an evening of crafty project making, hints and tips and a good general laugh. Sanitary towels at the ready for our Mon.... read here!

Now - I apologise for the quality of the pics as they were off my camera, and it looks like a certain someone has been fiddling! - here are the samples we made on the night.

Aren't the colours on this card just lovely?

This one used brayering. The colours are so much nicer in real life than they are on the picture.

And here are another couple of pictures from the evening =

This was our lovely Julie Kettlewell - both her and Monica did extremely well at the Convention, so huge congratulations to you both!!

And of course, here's the lovely Ms Monica Gale! Stampin Up's top demo for the year.

Now don't these three look like mischief? lol. Three lovely ladies who also came along for our lovely evening. Lynda, in the centre, I have met a few times - previously too at our SU evenings.

A great time was had by all, and the samples from the convention which were on display were so lovely!

Monday 16 November 2009

Back to the furballs - -

Morning everyone..

I have always said on my blog, that good food for your dog is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Sometimes you give your dog a food that it likes, sometimes it's for the cheapest, and sometimes because you don't know any difference. Now, I've bought up the subject of Bakers (aka bonkers!) dog food before on here, and today I came across this.

In ireland they have to list all the ingredients i have had this for a while, but just look whats in it

Sunset yellow, tartrazine and carbon black are all banned in kids due to hyperactivity, so why feed it to a dog?

There are also things in the food that are banned from human consumption, so again.. why give it to your dogs?

Obviously the choice of what you feed your dog is entirely upto you. But I can tell you a little story about my Scooby.

He was on Bakers when he first came to us nearly two years ago. He had got what was called Colitis, if he ate anything he shouldn't, then he'd have to run to the toilet for days, and would bend over double in agony for around five days. He was constantly at the vets. We had taken him off Bakers, as Holly was on a 'good food' (Hill's Science plan). He was still having problems for months.

After a long time, he is now fit and well. His coat has improved, he doesn't drink so much as he did before, his colitis is now something of the past and he is a totally different dog. So, I can say from experience, that giving a dog a food that has colours in 'just because it looks pretty' is not something you should do. Go for a good food! Wainwrights (pets at home), James Wellbeloved and Hill's are three of the top ones in my opinion. My wooflets never vary from these brands, and they are in brilliant condition.

Also, they are Springers - how many people do I meet in the Woods that say 'ooooh, bet they're a handful'.. well, actually, no they're not. They are quite lazy springers really. But Scooby wasn't when he had Bakers! And the treats are no exception!!! Dozy me - bought some bacon sizzles strips that were Bakers - talk about hyper!! Never again.. Sardine cake here we come.

You wouldn't eat McDonalds everyday.. so why give it your dogs?

And just one last thought - you feed Bakers / other because it is cheaper.. ? Well, actually it's not. You have to give an awful lot more of the cheap food to your dogs than you do the Premium brands mentioned above!

Saturday 14 November 2009

What can you do in two hours??

Alot of things most probably. lol.

Today, I've been down in Derby to the lovely Craft Central, and had an amazing day demoing for a group or two of lovely lovely ladies and the odd gent!

However, there had been an accident on the M1 and had closed it in both directions. Blimey.. I had to readjust the sat nav to bring me around a different way. So I came off at Junction 31 and it took an age to get me to my destination - well, around an hour and half extra than it should have!

On the way back, I thought it would have been back open again, and it wasn't until I was going down the slip road that I saw all the bloomin' traffic... still stood all along the motorway! All day it had been causing havoc.

Anyway, it took me around an hour or so to travel around 300 yards! I am eventually home - tired, thirsty, cold and hungry!!

The memories of a fantastic day were there to cheer me up though - I saw a TV star too! The lovely Tracy Coates of Create and Craft fame dropped by to see me, and we went for a coffee. The customers were amazing, and the staff - well, they are always amazing! Boy I love that shop!

Piccies tomorrow - they're all still on my camera. xx

Friday 13 November 2009

Dainty as we go....

Parchment Craft.. I love it!

As I didn't have anything sorted to show you today, I thought I would have a good ol' dredge through my files to see if there's something I've never posted on my blog - and this fits the hole quite well.


I started doing parchment craft many moons ago, and even now, I love working with vellums and doing the odd card. Although these days, I don't often use patterns like I did before, as they are generally quicker cards.


This one would have to be my all time favourite card. I love the design loads! I have repeated this card many times, for me and also for orders which were recieved.


This one was where I really got the hang of colouring. As I am totally self taught in this craft, colouring on vellum was never really one of my strong points, until a lovely lady called Elizabeth guided me along. She was wonderful at parchment until she had problems with her eyes.


Who says parchment craft always has to be two dimensional? A little bit of playing with vellum here. Various different punches were used to create this little card, and the red just sets it off I think.

Well. I hope you liked this post today. Until next time.....

Thursday 12 November 2009


Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm a happy bunny this morning!! Yep - I can eventually see the light..

I've been so packed out with work this last few weeks I've hardly had time to breathe.. but sticking my head into the sand for a couple of hours does wonders! I've got a rush commission to do for a magasine, work which I always love {although, not the 'rush' bit.. lol}. Just getting the ideas going for this was a bit of a headache.. lol.. but we got there in the end. I've just got one more card to do, then that's finished.

I've also got a demo on Saturday at Craft Central in Derby. This is going to be so much fun. The staff down there are a hoot, they're all so lovely, especially Jackie who manages the store. She's always so welcoming and friendly. The customers are really wonderful too, very eager to learn and we also have a laugh and a little one-to-one if time allows. I have to make some samples for that too.

Apart from these two busy pieces of work, I am still snowed under with stuff for the SOS christmas appeal, which has really taken off over the last few weeks. I'm completely amazed and humbled to how people are responding this year. It is absolutely amazing. It isn't just me that is busy either, oh no! The other Area Coordinators are reporting an increase this year too. Thank Heavens for Storage King who have offered me FREE storage at their unit for as long as I need! Now that is generous isn't it? And I have a room that is massive! So, thank you to them.

I am also working on projects for a couple of workshops I'm doing for a couple of places.

The first one coming up is a parchment one for a Dabble day for the Craft Emporium in Blyth, and the second is for a group of wonderful ladies near Birmingham, and that is Rubber Stamping.


Onto my title... VROOOOOOOM... and guess what? We're buying a new car! Here she is..

We've already got a Hyundai, which was my christmas prezzie a few years ago, and thought when we were looking around, that we'd trade in the Volvo we had, {which is a bit of a gas guzzler!} and buy ourselves another as it is a brilliant little run about.

So, this is what we opted for. A little Hyundai Getz 1.1 GSi.. not sure what the letters mean after the numbers, but hey.. who cares? It's lovely.. comfortable.. quiet. lol. Isn't it amazing how new cars are always so quiet? My little Betty {an Atoz +} sounds so tinny compared to this one.

However, it's still lots better than this -------

For those that remember, this is our car last June! It was a lovely, cutesie Citroen C3 {what do you mean you can't tell?} We had a 'bit' of an accident whilst on holiday and this was the result. We'd only had the car 11 months. Poor little Sissy!! Is there anyone else out there who names their car, or is it just us? We had to leave little Sissy in the Isle of Arran and come back on our own-some. This was the last time we saw her.

So.. new car tomorrow.. picking it up at 4pm.

**** now if only I could get my hands on the car I always, always wanted****

This would have to be the Triumph TR7. I was nearly there - only Paul decided to sell it a few months before I met him. Now isn't that just the story of my life!! I'm always only 'almost there'... hehe.

this is the TR7 - now isn't she a beauty? And on that note, I'll say Au Revoir!! until next time!

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Blog hop day....

****EDITED TO ADD - Some comments seem to have gone missing after I have moderated them - if your name isn't on the list, can you please re-comment.. I have taken comment moderation off my blog until the 18th November. Thanks xxxx *****

Today's the day for the LOTV Blog Hop to celebrate the release of the new stamps on the LOTV website.

Each DT member is offering the chance for you to win one of the new stamps of your choice, and if you complete the blog hop you will also have a chance to win 6 of the new images of your choice.

Here is my card for the blog hop.

To enter all you need to do is start at Jacqui’s Blog and work your way through each of the links leaving a comment, telling us your favourite LOTV stamp, and link the blog hop on your blog, until you get to the LOTV Valley Challenge Blog.

On the way around each DT member will give you a letter, make a note of these as they will make up a word which we will ask you for. If your comment on the LOTV Challenge Blog is drawn by Random.Org as the winner of the 6 stamps, we will e-mail the winner and if you respond with the correct word the stamps of your choice will be sent off to you.

My secret letter is C, and the next blog in the hop is Claire.

The hop will run till Tuesday 17th November when we will announce the winners on the Challenge Blog. Best of Luck.

For my card, I have used one of the new release LOTV stamps and a range of papers which are Stampin Up.. I will show you in more detail later how to make the little flowers - aren't they so cute?

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Having a change around..

I just fancied updating my blog a little bit this morning.. I was thinking christmassy, but I thinks it may be too soon at the minute.. lol..

there are a few new things coming up.. so keep checking back to see the updates. xx

Sunday 8 November 2009

wish list

Turn your Wish List into a Christmas List

I'd like to introduce my Christmas gift buying service.

This is a great way to make a dent in your wishlist of Stampin' Up!® products particularly those with a slightly larger price tag.

How it works: -

Email me a list of Stampin' Up!® product in various price ranges that you would like to see under the tree on Christmas day.  Then all you have to do is give anyone who usually buys you presents my EMail Address - and I will help them choose something that you want for Christmas.

Also don't forget my gift voucher service.  I can make up a gift voucher for any amount you choose.  These are a great way to give a little thank you to a fellow papercrafter or a way to accumulate stampin' dollars from a number of sources for yourself.

Always the best value gift in the Stampin' Up!® range is the demonstrator starter kit.  Get a wonderful kit of craft supplies and tools or even a new business for Christmas.

All gift vouchers come packaged in a handcrafted wallet with attached gift card.

EMail me now to send me your Christmas wishlist or purchase gift vouchers.

To purchase gift vouchers in increments of £10 click on the Paypal link below.


A little green box...

I told you yesterday that I had a little something to share.

What I meant was I have a box to share with you all, and here it is.

I made the box by printing the background design onto cardstock and scoring it with my score board.

The topper was stamped and coloured with promarkers. I love this little stamp. I hope you do too. Now, ten guesses to what is inside??

Saturday 7 November 2009

Busy Busy Busy..

I've had a pretty busy week alright... blimey, things have been pretty hectic. But I'm not complaining.. oh no.. definately not!

I never even got around to showing you the sneek peek of the card I did for the Rosie Dee challenge did I? In fact, I was talking to Rosie today.. she's a spoilt little madam today! Her hubby has just bought her the most amazing solitaire ring ever! It's a corker!

here's my challenge card, well, a sneak of it anyway.

This stamp is such a lovely stamp. It's from Stampin Up - I'll check which set and let you know! Lordy, I'm so unorganised.. I did write the set down which I'd used, and forgot where I put it. lol.

And just how cute is this little guy? Just another sneaky peek for a project I'm sharing with you tomorrow. 

So what else have I been upto?

Christmas wrapping paper shopping.. lol. I've got an allocation of 100 parcels to send off to the troops this year for christmas, so have been to buy all my bits to get wrapping. I am holding a Pack and Wrap in a couple of weeks in the Doncaster area, so details of that coming soon. Anyone want to come along and help? Free cups of coffee or tea and biccies??

I went down to the warehouse to get my wrappings, and they had a special offer on the gift tags and tape, so everything's coming along swimmingly.

We also managed a couple of Christmas prezzies - in November? That must be a first - but actually, I did get one of my prezzies earlier on this year.. well, there is a first for everything. Now I guess that most things will get bought in December, as per usual.. lol.

This week, I've recieved some bags of used stamps which will be being forwarded onto the SOS head office.

What we are looking for at the moment are used stamps, handmade cards for the boxes and get well cards to send onto the injured soldiers. Just thought I'd share..hehe.

Thursday 5 November 2009

Honey... I'm home...

Crikey - what an evening.

We've not been celebrating our Bonfire Night here, but have been trudging through the traffic around Sheffield to get to an open evening at the University of Sheffield Medical School, where Martina has been offered a place on one of their courses ... she's only 13!!!! But it is a SOAMS course (the University of Sheffield Outreach and Access to Medicine course) which is where they are trained up basically for their entry and application to Uni, if they are wanting to complete a medical course.

It was all rather interesting if I must say, but we all (the whole room) was in hysterics with the presentation by the last speaker. I can't remember his name, but he was sooooo funny!!!

Apart from the great presentations, we had to fight our way through the soddin' traffic - I'm sure everyone in the UK had diverted through the M1 into Sheffield - which made us about half hour late.. *sigh*.

Anyway, we're back home now, all safe and sound, and peace is reigning in the house once more. Truly is so funny when we're not home, (even though they had Leyton as their personal woofy sitter!) because she won't go out for pee-pees or eat her dinner.

Right. That's all my news for today. I've alot to show you tomorrow.. including a photo of a mushroom we found which must've been at least a foot in length!!!! Imagine the mushroom stroganoff you could have made with that! (note to self - must get a fungi book to find out which ones we can eat!)

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Christmas Countdown

Doncaster Dabblers - Countdown to Christmas

Come and join in our Countdown to Christmas starting on Tuesday 17th November in Armthorpe, Doncaster, from 1pm. There is ample FREE parking around the location.

The Dabble Days will be every two weeks upto the 15th December, and we will be creating four projects on each day.

All materials are included for the projects, which I will upload as soon as possible.

WHERE: Armthorpe Library, Armthorpe, Doncaster
WHEN: Tuesday 17th November 2009
TIME: 1pm to 3pm
COST: £5-00/person

Booking is essential, please contact me to book your place.

Monday 2 November 2009

class idea


Make fabulous projects and enjoy some creative ‘me’ time with fellow crafters.
Full demonstrations and help to enable you to make cards, gifts, boxes and other projects you will proud to give. Beginners and experienced crafters welcome.
All materials included in class cost (except adhesive – bring your own or purchase when you book class).
Various class locations in the Southampton, New Forest, Winchester, Romsey area.
Example class:
Pyramid gift box and two cards with envelopes price £10.00

Rownhams classes starting soon....check back here for dates and details!
CONTACT ME for further information.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Do you want your own craft business?

Become a Demonstrator and Get 10% Off the Starter Kit and a special gift from me for being part of my team.

In conjunction with our participation in the Hobbycrafts show, we are offering new demonstrators 10 percent off the cost of the Starter Kit from 22 October-13 November! That’s over £240 worth of stamping and business supplies for only £125. That's 10% off the regular price of £139.

If you decide to become a demonstrator and join my team, then you will also recieve three free stamp sets from me throughout the year. (This is a special offer from me, not Stampin Up)

The Starter Kit contains
  • Four complete stamp sets
  • Stampin’ Around jumbo wheel, ink cartridge, and handle
  • Ribbon
  • Card stock
  • Love Notes and envelopes
  • Five Classic Stampin’ Pads
  • Stampin’ Pastels
  • Craft & Rubber Scissors
  • Stampin’ Scrub and Mist
  • VersaMark Pad
  • Blender pens
  • Adhesives
  • Business supplies
To join the Stampin’ Up! family today, contact me HERE . But you must act fast because this is a limited-time offer!

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you don't like the idea of demonstrating, you can always sign up to recieve the great discounts as a Hobby Demo.

And also, as part of my team, you will have access to a 'TEAM ONLY' area where we can chat, discuss new ideas and techniques, as well as share great advice and thoughts.

Email me today if you're interested. I'd love to hear from you.

a special offer for your Countdown to Christmas....

Stampin UP! Have a very Special Offer - The Christmas Extravaganza.....From the 1st of November to the 29th of December if you purchase £45 worth of products from their Gift Giving Guide they will give you One LARGE or One SMALL TAG PUNCH for FREE!!!!!!!!

Here is the list of Products that you can choose from and you can see the promo below - click on the picture to bring it up larger.

  • Real Red 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon,
  • Whisper White Cardstock,
  • Old Olive Cardstock,
  • Spotlight on Christmas Stamp Set,
  • Medium Cello Bags,
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  • Cutter Kit,
  • Latte or Playground buttons,
  • Petal Party Scrappin kit,
  • Sunny Day Scrappin kit,
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  • Circle Circus stamp set,
  • Bold Brights Markers,
  • Bold Brights Assorted Cardstock,
  • On Board Journal,
  • Spiral Punch,
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  • Rock Start Card Elements,
  • Starring You Stamp Set,
  • Flower Power Card Elements,
  • Wow Flower Stamp Set.

I am also offering £5 off Shipping on orders over £50, this offer is just from me and and not SU.

Email Me if would like to order anything from the above list.

{ Winter's on it's way.... }

Brrr - it's been absolutely freezing this weekend. What a difference a day makes eh?

We were out looking for a new car on Saturday, and the weather was lovely, autumny and sunny. Today, we went out again, and it was chucking it down with rain, gusty and cold!! **shudder**

Anyway, we had taken the woofers for a walk in the woods the other day, so I thought I would share a few photos with you.


I love the colours on the trees at this time of year. All the leaves are falling, and one daft, loony spaniel - aka Holly! - enjoyed her time running around after the leaves. lol.


The mushrooms are just starting to grow now, I haven't seen any redcaps, but these are just as lovely.


..... and since she decided to sit in front of me, worn out, looking cute, I thought I'd take a little piccie of my girl, Holly. Now isn't she one cute woofer?

That's all for now, everything is back to normal tomorrow - normal service resumes.. lol.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll have time to get some crafting done. Blood tests at the docs in the morning, then off to Blythe for a business meeting with a wonderful lady called Kim!

So until then...

{ back again..... }

Oh flippin 'eck.. doesn't time fly?

No sooner is it the beginning of the school holidays, than we are here ready to go again tomorrow! I'm pretty sure it's a sign of getting older you know, time just flies past so quickly.

Anyway, I said I would show you a card, and ta-da.. here's two!!

I was asked to make a couple of parchment cards for Phyllis, so she could take them down to Create and Craft. With the post being as it was though at the weekend, they never arrived on Saturday as they were supposed to, so hopefully will get there for tomorrow.


I tried to 'mod' this design up a little by using a scoring board to create the swirls around the outside and also the shape in the centre.

And this is the second one.
Again, I've used a score board to create all the lines and shapes on the board.


Both of them are just simple to make, the top one has added colour and the bottom one is just white embossing. Simples!
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