Tuesday 4 March 2014

Bake me a bite or two....

Morning all...

I know, I promised to blog more often, but you know how it is. Working on demonstration samples for sharing with lovely customers sorta takes up some of my time. And by the time I've finished 'oohing' and 'aaaahing' over some lush products, time has just sort of gone.

That's what's happened with me this week. I got my new demo kit last week and the stuff in it is beautiful. The colours, styles and content of the new ranges is so pretty. Love the Gorjuss. Of course, everyone I know does.. and the stamps this time are just lovely. Let's just say 'fox ears'!... I will share pictures when I've gotten around to rummage into my kit and take some photos of my makes.

For the last few days I have had a bit of a bakey-makey session in the kitchen. It's really nice to get in there and do something other than making cards, so I just made some bread, made my sourdough starter (which I called Cyril!) which has now been made into a couple of loaves or three! I've baked a few cakes and made my first ever set of madeleines! Here they are....

Don't they look lovely?? I must admit, with the different reviews I had read about making them I was actually dreading having a go....! But they've turned out quite well me thinks.

This is one of my sourdough loaves. It's my first one I've made of those too! It did take a little longer to prove than normal bread, but I think that was a little bit of the mixture being thicker, and the room being cooler.

And fruit cake... who doesn't like fruit cake?

This turned out quite well too. You know, I think I could be part of the Great British Bake Off.... ! Now, there's a thought.

So, today's all about my cooking and baking escapades... nothing too exciting I guess, but for me, a little 'me' time is something I haven't really bothered to try and seek out, and I admit. I. Like. It.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the South of Wales to see some very special folks.. so I will try to upload a few of my cards from this last weekends demo's later on. Don't forget, my demo's are all listed over here --------->>
for you to see where I am.

Until later.. xxx
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