Saturday 27 February 2010

A great read

How are you all?

I hope you are all having a great crafty weekend - I'm all crafted out for today, I was busy all day yesterday with one thing or another, so decided today to give it a rest.

This week, I have also fitted in time to read a great book called The Lovely Bones. It's just come out into the cinema, and I think I'm going to have to go and see it if the book is anything to go by.

I don't usually read fictional books, but the film trailer last week caught my eye, so I bought the book and read it within a few days. It's sooo gripping.

I absolutely loved the sentiment behind the book and the way it was written was just so warm and lovely. I can highly recommend it. It most definately made a change from factual books or craft magasines. lol.

What ever you're upto this weekend, have a good one.

Jo xx

Thursday 25 February 2010

A Crafty Evening

Hi folks.. sorry for the delay in posting but I've had a few card orders and bits to get finished this week, so I'm a bit slow in getting my bits and pieces uploaded for you all.

Well.... what a night we had on Monday! I think me and Sheila are still aching from it!

After waiting such a long time, it was finally here - our first ever Stampin Up Craft Evening! Sheila and I had done lots of waiting for the evening to arrive and we weren't disappointed. Even though it had snowed, a grand total of 22 people turned up which is fantastic, so thank you to each and every one of you who made it... it was lovely to see you all happy and crafting.

The other thing that I loved was there were all ages there, ranging from Kathryn's little girl to ladies a little older than me! But the projects that Sheila had planned and designed were wonderful and loved by all.

Here's one of the things we made -


This was the first sample of the card, so it's black and yellow, but the one we made on the night was slightly different colours from the Soft Subtles range of cardstock.

We also made a gift box with the So Swirly wheel and Oval All stamp sets, and a notepad holder using the Sale a Bration set Vintage frames.

I had arrived at the Hall at around 5pm to start setting up, poor Sheila had been there all day with work, and we'd just about sorted and finished by 10.30pm.

Here are some photos of the wonderful ladies who attended.. excuse the photos being so bad ***note to self.. get a bloomin mobile that has flash, or at least remember me camera!***


Having a minutes break to look at all the samples that were displayed around the room. Did you notice the coffee pot, choccies and biccies on the far table? Yep.. we feed and water you too.. lol.


All very busy and industrious. We had three tables set out, one for each project.I think this one gets the vote for the 'messy table'. What do you think?


Aww, the lovely Mandi.. what a doll! (and thank you so much for the lovely text at the end of the evening.. it meant alot to me and Sheila).


Come on now ladies... no giggling - just work! Hehe..See, I told you this was the Messy Table.


Three very happy little bunnies.This was the end of the evening... so I'm not quite sure if they were just pleased to be going home.. mmmmm..


A few different wonderful ladies on this table too - at the back you can see our youngest crafter of the evening, with her mum, the lovely Kathryn. (Don't tell her I told you this, but she is soooooo sweet!)And nearest to us is another Cathryn, a lovely lady who I had been in contact with by email, and had now finally got the chance for a hug with. It was lovely to meet you in the flesh my love. I'm not quite sure what Sheila is doing with her hand on the left of the photo.. but it made me chuckle.

So.. there you have it. Workshop Numero Uno. Done. Dusted. Finito.

If you feel you've missed out on all the fun, then don't worry! We are holding another event on Wednesday 24th March 2010 from 7pm to 9pm if you'd like to join us. We would absolutely love to see you there, so why not get it put into your diaries.

If you and your friends would like to book a place, email me on, ring or text me on 07545 579 096 or ring Sheila on 01302 726633 (you may also get to speak to the lovely Kathryn).

If you've never had the chance to craft and wonder what it's all about, then wonder no more.. come along and we'll show you how easy it is to make some brilliant projects.

Sunday 21 February 2010

A little birthday album

What a weekend!

I woke up this morning to another few inches of snow - although I love it, I hate it when it goes slushy and icy. The dogs absolutely love it too, especially Truly, but all three of them went bonkers this morning playing outside.

Their walk was a little wetter than usual, but they had a lovely time and we found another little gathering of springers and cockers on our walk.. you know, I think these types of dogs are getting more popular as most of the dogs we meet on our walks are springers! They are such a sociable dog though, and never a day goes by without one of mine doing something to make me laugh. lol

Anyway, I was asked last week to make a Birthday card for a girls 21st - she was doing a fashion degree, but didn't really like girly colours. It was quite a challenge as most of the 'fashiony' types of things that you find are pinks and fluffy!

However, I kept hunting and came across the most beautiful papers and this is the finished project -


The photograph doesn't do it justice really, as I've used a layer of mirror card on the front and it hasn't come out properly in the picture.


This is the whole of centre of the card, which I guess is more like an album.

The idea for this card came from the absolutely wonderful Jo Dumbleton, and the project I've linked to when you click on her name is the one that's inspired me.


This is the centre of the card, which is where the main image is. I got a few of these images from the Kanban sheet that I'd used, so I cut out the main section of the picture and layered it up with silicone to give it more depth.


This is one side of the album..
And this is the other -


I'm pretty pleased with it, although I wish the lovely girly images would've been less pink.. but I matched it up with some black and white papers from the same collection and it's not looking quite as girly as it could have been.

What do you think?

Right.. I had better make a move and finish sorting out a few bits and pieces for our event at Bullcroft Memorial Hall in Carcroft tomorrow evening - hasn't it come around quickly?!

See ya's later!

Friday 19 February 2010

Wahey for wii!!

Isnt technology amazing... From my wii. I always knew there was more to this wii than wii fit and guitar hero.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Those early mornings..

Blimey, they take alot of time to get caught up with don't they?

I was up early - I was going to say the crack of dawn, but even that was too late! - on Monday to get down to Chez de Crafting for an early 9 o'clock show, followed by another at 12. It is what seemed to be a veeeeery long day. However, the sun rose whilst I was nearly down in Peterborough and it did make for some lovely scenery. Shame I'd forgot my camera - duh!

I was using the wonderful papercrafting kits on the first show, and did stamping on the next. So lots of prep was done for these. I did have some help with the samples for the stamping show from my wonderful matey, Sheila, who is proudly now one of my 'Designers'. lol. What a title to bestow upon her eh? hehe.

She made some wonderful cards to take down with me, and I love that because she has a completely different taste to me card-wise... apparantly, I'm 'girly girly' (moi? Girly?) and she's a bit of a grungy person.. but alas, the cards were amazing and really liked by la Maison de Buzzcraft which is where they are currently residing.

Here are a few samples for you from the new stamp sets - these were from the female (notice my Stampin Up punch along the top - I love love love that border punch!)

And a variety from the mens.. (scallops from the Stampin Up scallop punch, and footballs punched out with the 1 3/4 circle punch.)

Yesterday, I took a drive upto Bradford with Martina, to deliver off the samples and a copy of the show on DVD for Andrew. You know, the weather was appalling! It was fine when we left home, quite sunny, but on the way home there was hailstones, snow, rain...  what a day!

Now today, I have a very important birthday card to make for a wonderful lady called Kay, (well, actually, it's not for her, it's for her neice who's 21.) and I have some organising to do for looked - forward - to event over at the Bullcroft Memorial Hall on Monday evening... do you want to come along?

The Stampin Up 'Do' will be held at Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Carcroft, Doncaster, on the 22nd February, 7pm to 9pm. If you'd like to come along, we are making three fantastic projects for £5 and raffles and refreshments are included. There will be lots of inspiration, lots of help and advice if needed, and a last chance to bag  your FREE Stampin Up Sale a Bration stamp sets with your orders - catalogues will be around to look through.

So, if you'd like to join us, me and Sheila would be delighted to see you. Just email me at or telephone 01302 726633 to reserve your place.

Well, that's it for today.. I really need to get photographing some bits and pieces for you - I've got a Valentine Swap set of cards that I'd love to show you all... loads of inspiration there I can tell you!

See you soon xx

Saturday 13 February 2010

Happy Birthday Shiela!

Today is my friend Sheila's birthday. I can't tell you how old she is as she would most probably kill me with her bare hands, but however old you are my darling, have a good one!

I thought I would just share this little card with you that I received from Sheila in a swap.

Isn't it lovely? The papers and stamps are Stampin Up. And I really love it!

I recieved it on Tuesday whilst at Monica's house doing our monthly training. There was only a small group of people there which was good for Mon, as she was full of cold and feeling pretty rubbish. We had a great evening though and made a couple of great projects.

One of them isn't quite finished yet, but the other one is this -

A little poppy-outy card just for Easter. Isn't this chick just the cutest? It's not exactly how it should be as we had run out of ribbon, but hey, the idea's great isn't it. The chick was coloured with Stampin Up reinkers and the aqua painter brush.

Now, I thought I'd just share a little picture of something I've been making over the last few evenings too.

Little pots and carriers! I'm not telling you what they are for.. but I'm sure you'll be finding out shortly! lol.

So.. that's me back upto date.

Sheila, my lovely, if you're reading this - have a FANTASTIC birthday and I hope you get absolutely spoiled rotten! See you soon.

Friday 12 February 2010

Happy Valentines!

Awwww, isn't it so nice this time of year? Everyone's talking Valentine's day... all lovey-dovey!

Now take a look at my lickle Valentine...

Now isn't this the cutest lovey you could wake up to? lol. This morning, I was up early for a doctors appointment and to get stuck into making some samples for Monday, and Scoobs decided he was coming up to sleep on the bed.. only he quickly took daddy's place as he wasn't in - head on pillow and cuddling his mummy. Ahh, sweet! Scoobs I love you too! The pic was taken on the mobile, so the quality isn't great.

The doctors appointment went well. I was having a little op to have a little lump taken off my chest. It's been there for a while now, and after three weeks of visiting the doctor twice a week to get it cauterised to get rid of it, the only thing it did was to make it bigger. It ended up looking like a little mushroom! So. Choice was to keep going with the cauterising, or have an op to get it off.. so I opted for the op. It's healed up lovely and looks alot better now!

Anyway, Valentine week for me started on Thursday when I went to help Sheila at her Craft Class. There was a lady there who asked me to help her out with a Valentine card for her new Fiance. She bought a magasine with her, and all the papers and images came from that. I must say, there are pretty lush! Not that I'm a green person myself, but these are great!


This is the card that we made..

And this is one happy lady!


Today, other than making samples for Create and Craft, I made this Valentine card for Carley for her boyfriend.

The idea came from a swap I recieved from THIS lady, Siobhan, who I had done a Love card swap with.


The colours are awful.. they were taken quickly on the mobile - I'll take a proper photo before it goes off to its new home.

Two other quick photos that were snapped today are these ones below. My other two little furbabies.

Here's Holly looking really sweet.

She has got the most appealing eyes a dog could have. Honestly, butter wouldn't melt! lol.

And here's Truly looking really cute too. She's usually quite hyper, but just before 'wakey-up' time she's actually really slow to wake up. Active time starts about half past ten, then it's Force 21 all the way!

She is a sweetie though. Today she's not a happy bunny because she's had her ears combed! Just one of her pet hates. lol

Well, that's all for now.. more tomorrow.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Mmmm.. aint this true?!

I've just found this through a link someone gave.. I read it, and thought.. mmm.. isn't this so true! So thought I'd share!

I have never made anything perfect. 

 Nope, not once. I might have come close a few times, but there was always the stamped image that was just a little crooked. Or the bow that didn’t come out totally right. You know. Life-or-death stuff.

I have, however, made some really great things that made other people happy and were fun to do. For example, I sewed a scalloped baby quilt that had some wonky spots at one edge. Does my daughter care? Not a bit. Do I wince a little every time I look at those spots? Well… I’m trying not to. 

Here’s an equation for all of us who worry too much about perfection in our crafting:
Being creative ≠ being perfect.

Being creative is about renewal. And having fun. And feeling connected to the generations of women before us who did the same things. Only today we have even cooler and more diverse materials to work with, unprecedented ease of communication, and a modern design sense to bring to the table. Hello! What an incredible time to be a crafter.

Simply Handmade exists to celebrate making useful, pretty things by hand. And to provide you with exactly what you need – step-by-step instructions, helpful patterns, and lots of pictures – to recreate these same projects yourself… or to simply get inspired as you come up with your own lovely creations.

I’ve been excited for this magazine ever since it was a little seed of an idea being tossed around among our editors. This is what I love. If I were a kid, this would be my candy store. So I am thrilled to be in a position to share these beautiful things with all of you. Let’s create.

Dog days..

I have now recieved my kit for the upcoming shows on TV, so I'm well and truly into making my samples for that - I'm not revealing anything about the shows, but they are amazing products I'll be using.

Anyway.. here's a little card I ran up the other day and forgot to post it. It's another one that I took up to Sheila's crafty class.


Isn't this doggy just the cutest?

I have a bit of a passion for doggy stamps - in particular those that look like spaniels. lol. So, when I came along this little Hels Cuppleditch stamp in our local shop, I knew I just had to have it! It is soooo cute.

here's a close up.


I coloured the doggy in promarkers, can't remember what colours (but I can check if anyone needs to know).

The 'idea' was embossing, so I used the whitewash coredinations cardstock with the embossing folder, then rubbed it over with a file to bring out the colours. The hearts were from my ever growing die collection and the frame is a nesty.

The one thing I love about the image is the little hearts on the dogs body. Simply scrumptious!

Well.. time's a flying, and I should be up and about by now. So have a great day whatever you're doing. I'll be crafting after I've done the essentials.

Until next time!

Saturday 6 February 2010

Love and Romance...

Ahhhh, how romantic!

Valentines Day is nearly upon us for another year... and am I prepared? No! I think it is too much over the top - and why do the prices of things always go up just for this one day? And it's been snowing! I forgot to tell you yesterday, we had snow for Thursday - and fog! I love snow. I just hate that it gets all slushy, then icy, then dangerous. Boy, aren't I full of joy this morning? lol.

However, to get me into lovey-dovey mood, I hosted a swap over on the In love with Stamping site and here's a sneak peak of my card.. sssshhh.. don't tell anyone!


I decided to go with my first choice of colours for this, pretty pinks and blacks. The background stamp is from Stampin Up, Bella Toile. Isn't it lovely? This is just part of the stamp as it's such a whopper for it's price. Absolutely beautiful, and it stamps amazing!

The greeting is also Stampin Up. The image is SU too (watch me go with everything SU!) and is from my all time favourite set, Fun and Fast notes.

Here's a little close up for you. The glitter on the cake isn't showing up too well, but hey.
At least it's a card that I'm more than happy with - makes a change from the last couple of days eh?!


Friday 5 February 2010


Not with the actual Cuttlebug, you understand.. but just my plain ol' sizzix. I must admit, I dream of getting an electric die cutter, but I never use this one... so can't really talk myself into it.

Anyway.. firstly, the cards for today -


I was helping my good friend, Sheila, run her card class yesterday and we were using the machines! The ladies there were playing with our embossing folders, dies and other goodies that we took along, and this is just one of the samples I took along.

I got the idea for this card, from this amazing lady, Julie. However, I really do think she is the Queen of this style of work, and mine just doesn't cut it somehow! It didn't turn out as bad as the one yesterday, but it could have been much better.

Here's the original from Julie's site.

I used the same inks and powders, but think I over did it.. lol. I must admit, I don't really go alot for this grungy type of work - I know Sheila does, and she's ace at it! But I much prefer the clean, crisp type of look.

This was another try - (why oh why do I bother?!)


Anyone want to buy any sizzix dies? Machine? Embossing folders? Just to put me out of my misery? lol.

Mmmmm.. babies with beards. I'll leave you with that thought! Hehe

Thursday 4 February 2010

Whoo hoo..

After a few days rest, I'm all fully refreshed and raring to go again. This last few weeks has been busy, but this week I decided I was going to take a bit of time to myself and get some things done.

The first thing that needed to be done was to go and get my nails done. (aaaah, the life!!!) so now I fully back to how they should be. I've got another couple of shows booked on TV for the 15th February so they really needed to be done for then. There's loads of prep to sort out for those, so Friday onwards will be really busy.

Anyway.. onto what I have to show you.

Before I get to my card for today, I really want to show you Scooby from the other evening.


Now is this chilled or is this chilled?

Hubby and son were putting the TV back on the wall when we turned around and saw this! What a nutter. How he can think that this is comfortable is beyond me! But hey, what do I know.. I haven't tried it!

So.. here's what I was upto earlier this week.


Wedding Stationery!

I got an order for some stationery before christmas, day and evening invites etc, and when I dropped these off, I was asked to do some place names. They were delivered on Monday along with the table names, seating plan and other bits and pieces. I don't like the names off to the right, so next time will make them more central.

I have also been making some cards for the commission I got from Creative Cardmaking magasine, but obviously can't share them. Today is write up day.. so computer specs on and typing fingers at the ready.

Now, look at this...


For those that come to my demo's and think that everything always goes right for me.. check out the above card! What a disaster. Now I realise why I never use my sizzix and embossing folders!!

I really do think this card is naff, but thought I'd upload for the laugh. LOL.

Right.. that's me off for another day.

Check back later for more projects.
Jo xx
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