Thursday 20 August 2009

Plum Pie anyone?

Wow.. what a load of plums I have at the moment in the garden!


I gathered around 2.5kg of plums a few days ago, and today there must have been more than that! The little plum tree - she does well!

It is a dwarf plum tree that I have in the garden, and only reaches around 6 - 7 foot high I think, but it does need trimming back this year as the branches are starting to bow and break under the strain of all the blinkin' plums! At least the waspies, snails and birdies have had a good feast this year.

Last week, Martina made a plum pie.. yesterday she made a plum and oat crumble.. lickle ol' me couldn't have the oats though, but the plums are delish!!

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