Sunday 30 March 2008


Wow...I did it.... after sitting here fiddling for a few days, I have learnt how to add a signature onto my posts! Yey! Easy!!!!

Friday 28 March 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend......

And I can definately say they are....and I have eight of them to prove it... all gathered around five booooootiful aquamarine stones.. mounted in white gold... Paul and i were looking in a jewellery shop in town the other day, and I saw this ring and loved it. I was told if I liked it, to buy it, so I did.. lol.

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Monday Preview Show..

On Create and Craft, has some of my designs being shown.

My lovely Phyll is on there showing her new book and eazi score board.. I know it's on at 8 this morning, and I think tomorrow afternoon... so enjoy!!!

Aren't I lucky, lucky, lucky....

I've had the most wonderful few days...

On Friday, I was at Trimcraft for the demonstrator training day, and picking up our new kit.. well, part of.. the rest is expected in this next week I'm hoping.. This is what I came home with..

You just have to see them in real life to see just how gorgeous they actually are.. definately for stroking.. not for using!!!! The designs are really lovely, a traditional and a contemporary.. We have the 6x6, 8x8 and the 12x12, sticky ribbons and embellishment tins, stamps, brads etc to follow... Wow... I love my job!!!!

Oh... forgot to add on Thursday, I went off to do a homecheck for NESSR in Scunthorpe, and got a tad distracted on the way home.... I just happened to call into Steven Smith's... and came home with this...

This is the new stash from Docrafts... Basic Grey!!! This pack is the Two scoops.. but because I really have nothing to go with it (!!) I also got the stamps, swirly and hearts, and the two packs of rub ons.. they are so pretty I haven't used them yet...

All this, and the new papers from Docrafts that I used on my demo... they are just wonderful.. the colours are great, (black, olive, pinks, blues, creams) and the designs are fantastic.. I love em... but this pack is my favourite..

And to top it all... I had another 'just over an hour' conversation/chat with my new matey Nikki... what an absolutely wonderful lady, friend, fellow designer she is!!!! I love ya's!

So... that's my news for now.. when I return from the deep, dark, depths of my craft chalet, I will upload some photos of some new cards etc...

Have a great day!

Thursday 13 March 2008

The results of my busy week.. again!

I say again.. I have just spent the last half hour writing it all and uploading.. only to find I had put them on my other blog... aaaaarghghgh.. so here they are again!
These are all for my demonstration on Saturday at the Range, Doncaster.. so if you're passing, feel free to pop in and say HI.

I hope you like the following samples.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

My candle...

... is famous... take a look at the docrafts blog.. I also really love the scrapbook page with the Mother's Day papers.. luvverly!!!!

Also, instructions for making the candle are on my docrafts gallery. Enjoy!

Busy Busy Busy..

Oh I hate weeks like this.. the weather's awful and I just need to get out to my work area to get cracking on some projects... only thing is, with the wind blowing, the puppies are reluctant to come out with me.. they hate the wind.. lol..

So, if I do get lucky and get outside, I need to finish making some samples using the Tandastamps, get some bits finished for Phyllis to take to Ideal World next week, actually get around to finishing (or starting.. lol) my Docrafts samples for this week and stop playing with candles!!! And last but not least, sort out my trolley case for the training day at Trimcraft on Friday...

If I manage to survive all this, and STILL get to the Range, in Doncaster, on Saturday.. feel free to come and see me..

I WILL get around to putting some photos on here sooner or later.. until then....

Monday 10 March 2008

Thank you everyone!

I just want to say a BIG Thank you for everyone who came to see me at the Range, in York on Saturday. I had a great day, very busy and enjoyable, with a little bit of time to do a bit of one to one with a few great ladies!

My candles were a big hit, and one of them was snaffled by a member of staff..... lol..

Will update later with some photos.. speak soon x

Friday 7 March 2008

A few new bits..

Quite a quick post this morning.. my hand is hurting to type as I scalded it last night with about a jugful of 'just off boiling' water!!! Ouch! It's very red.. very sore.. Just when I thought our day was bad enough eh, Jackie?

However, I just wanted to share these new projects with you.

This first one was made using the new **gorgeus** Papermania papers at the bottom half, and Tandastamps at the top. There are little bees stamped and painted around the top and the larger butterfly stamped and painted with pearlescent paints.

This is my favourite.... using the new stamps from Docrafts, for my demo next Saturday. I thought it would be something a little bit different. I added a few gold gems for decoration

This is the last one.. using the Alphabet Templates from Phyllis. I made it into little scrapbook.. this one and the Tanda one will hopefully be going on TV shortly!!! Watch this space.

Wednesday 5 March 2008

isn't this luvverly?????

Well done Jenny at Docrafts..

This card is project of the classy. I just love it!!!!

Some old cards, new photos..

I know I have my puppy blog, but just had to show you these photos of Holly and Scooby..
"I iz de man, innit?"
And here are the two pupsickles together.. And here are some older cards I made for a commission last year.

Monday 3 March 2008

Disbelief !!!!

This is absolutely bloody disgusting! I go onto a forum about springer spaniels, and chat to my friends on there.. and today, I found this post...

It was about the above mentioned blog..someone had placed a dog into the art gallery in Costa Rica I think, and kept it chained up and left it to starve itself to death whilst people walked past and looked at it..

Well... sorry for upsetting anyone.. but I thought we were supposed to be animal lovers?? The authority's apparantly didn't do anything about it either. I'm just totally stunned... How can someone do this to a poor defenseless animal who would only want to be loved and cuddled, and treated with a little bit of respect?

It makes me sick to my stomach!

if you would like to sign the petition to stop this..go here

Look what my friend sent me..

Isn't this just funny?? Or do I have a warped sense of humour?(okay..those that know me..don't answer!)Nikki... it's ace..thank you so much!!! Shame I can't read the writing!

Oh.. I have an award!

My friend Jackie is a real sweetie and sent me an award!!!! How nice.. isn't she nice?
Now, apparantly I need to send this award onto five people...

Firstly, I'll send it onto Nikki because she is ace! We have just rekindled a fantastic friendship and found out that we have absolutley LOADS in common.. and always have a laugh.. I will also send it onto Janice, just because she always makes my day... Also, my sister, Julie, who I almost always (unless she's nagging at me!) have a laugh with.. I'll send it to Sheila Oliver too, who I find an inspiration, and I have a daily look on her blog! And my last one will be Hazel, who is a lovely lady who often leaves comments on my blog, and makes lovely cards!

Sunday 2 March 2008

Mothers Day Suprise!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone reading - well, if you're a mother that is.. lol.. My mum loved her card, and the flowers too..

This morning, I was given a china cup, which is lovely from Martina., I had a bouquet of flowers delivered, they were from Carley, and some chocolates, from Leyton, and a box from the puppies.. which I just had to show you!
These were what the outside looked like....

and this was the inside... I thought it was really funny...I can see my girls have the same SOH as I have! Do you notice anything unusual??

And...does Scooby look bothered? I don't think so...(in his favourite position leaning on the door!)

Saturday 1 March 2008

Been being creative!

What do you reckon? I made a card for Mum for tomorrow..

and this is just an older one I found

And just to make you feel a bit summery.... here are some photos that I took with my macro lens..

Windy creek!

I might just rename my house from Lilac End to Windy Creek!!! Blimey the gales are strong here at the minute.... so far, throughout last night, we had a grand total of two fence panels down... one on each side of the garden! How good!

...................and if that wasn't bad enough..because I cant get back to sleep now, decided to come on the computer and the bloomin keyboard space key is actingup! That's all I need! haha.
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