Sunday 30 August 2009

Port Lympne

Sorry for the delay in uploading photos for you all from our short break away.

I've been quite busy since we got back - my Docrafts demo kit arrived (yeay!! It's fab!) Lots of Forever Friends, which I love and some lovely lovely stamps and other bits and pieces. I just need to get playing with it this week for my demo over in Brigg and then I can upload you some cards.

We also took a day out yesterday to visit a falconry centre over in North Anston. They also have a tropical world and other bits there so it makes a great day out. 

Anyway, here are the photos from Port Lympne that I've managed to get sorted to upload. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed being there.


I love the blur on this lion - I wasn't too sure about it at first, but he was washing his leg and I think the movement adds a little 'something'.. don't know what! lol.


This little puddy-tat was sat in a little pond of water when we arrived. It was a hot day and I think he was looking at the birds in the trees.


This little beauty was sat looking at me - I reckon he wanted me to pop him into my camera bag and bring him home.. what do you think?


This was taken from our Safari wagon which goes around the park. You have to pay extra to go on it, but it's well worth it! This wasn't the closest the giraffe came, but I'm saving that special picture for another time.


Their legs are soooo funny... especially when they're youngsters.. lol


Now this is the reason why we went to Port Lympne - the gorilla collection. I love the silverbacks, and this one is a stunner. He's an adolescent male, around 12 years old, who is living his batchelor days with other fella's. Doesn't he look contented? I could spend all day with these guys.. they're adorable, so lots of photos of these, but I won't bore you all with them.. lol.


And this little lady - isn't she a stunner? I'm sure this one's around 10 years old, and didn't have a care in the world.

I hope you like the pictures. I sure as heck enjoyed my day there!

Back later with a card or so... promise!

1 comment:

  1. Great photo's Jo. I especially love the giraffe with the splayed out legs, it's fab. You take fabulous photo's.

    Hugs Debbie xx


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