Monday 15 September 2008

Tutorial for colouring your stamped images..

Whilst I did my demo on Sunday at the Range on Sunday, I was asked a few times about how I colour my images.

This was one of the images the ladies were referring to.

I have always used a variety of different techniques for colouring, including my new prismacolours, watercolour pencils, paints, H20's, and when doing my Docraft demo's, my Whispers Strokes pens.. and either a blender pen, or waterbrush. See below.

When colouring, I usually scribble a little of the lightest colour onto my glass cutting mat - or a piece of acetate, whichever you have nearest - and then squeeze a little water on with my water brush. The plastic tube on the water brush is your little reservoir, but I just find this alot safer than having a pot of water on my table!

I mix it together and give the teddy a very light colour wash all over. I then take up a little more of the colour and mixing it with the water again, add another layer to darken it slightly. I just build up the colours this way until the bear looks just as I would like it.

To finish, I add a little bit of red onto my brush and use it to colour his tummy and cheeks. Finish off with a few little white dots to add highlights to the cheeks. (for this you can use a white gel pen, or acrylic paint).

Here is a little closeup of the Teddy showing his cheeks and a little more of the colouring in detail.

I hope this helps. If you need a more indepth step by step, just let me know.. and I'll photograph it all in stages so you can see him come to life.


  1. This is adorable! I'd love to see a step-by-step if you don't mind! Thank you so much!! :)

  2. Thanks for that Jo. Have just started using watercolour so some handy hints there. Can see me trying some later today.


  3. Thank you Jo after seeing you on Sunday I watercoloured my bear looked okay but not as good as yours so more practice required.


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