Monday 1 September 2008

My little Furbabies..

Of course, my blog wouldn't be complete without a few little piccies of my furballs. Here they are in all their glory... looking wonderful, fluffy and kissable! Again.. these pictures are from my mobile, so they're not as good as they could be.. still gorgeous!

My little Holly. What a grown up little girl she is getting. She is a loyal, loving companion to Scooby - even if she does chew on his ears from time to time.. although he chews her leg too, so all's equal I guess.. so funny!

And here's my cheeky Scooby. He is a completly different dog now to what he was a few months ago. When we got him in January, he was obsessed with balls, but now, after four months on ball ban, his personality has really come out. He is full of character and loves to nibble-play. What a comic..

Last but not least, is little Truly. I call her little only because she is - but she is actually the oldest pupster we have. She was two in May, but still going through her puppy days I guess.. even still, she is a grumpy little sod today! I reckon she's just a bit tired. Here she is in her favourite spot - looking out the bedroom window!

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  1. Oh Jo, I just had to pop over and see your Spaniels. MUM & Dad were absolutley devasted when they lost their Maggie(she was over 11)but I was suprised at how quickly they went for another oneand even more surprised when they couldn't decide and ended up with two! Saying that they are fantastic even at such a young age- they aren't even 9 weeks yet. I am truely tempted but I know I mustn't be!

    love Dingle.xx


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