Friday 12 September 2008

17,000 visitor blog candy..

Righty folks..
I am making up a little pack of bits and pieces ready to offer for some blog candy.. As you know I absolutely love my little furbabies, so....

What I would like you to do is to make me a caption to fit onto this photo of Scooby..

He was sat outside my studio the other day with his lip well and truly curled up.. he looked so funny! So.. what do you think he's thinking??

I will be back later with a selection of products you can win..all photographed and looking lovely!

To enter, please leave a link on your blog, and leave me your comment entry.. so I can come and visit your blogs too and add you to my blog list.. plus, if you want to follow my blog, you can get double entry into the draw. If you fancy doing a Doggy themed card, you can get three entries..

I will close the draw next Sunday 21st September at 7pm. I will draw the winner using a random number generator.

Enjoy and have fun!!


  1. I think Scooby is saying 'Please don't make me go home yet'

  2. I think Scooby is saying: "When's she going to stop that crafting and take me for a walk"

  3. Another thought: "I wish she wouldn't use glitter, it really gets up my nose!"

  4. "Please let Bunny win the candy" LOL. Kidding. I'm sure he's thinking, "Mmmm... doggie treats. YUM!"

    I've linked you and am following your blog :) Thank you for the chance!

  5. Hi,
    your Scobby is pretty!
    I think he is saying "Let´s go playing!

    I post a link on my blog


  6. "Yikes!! She's got that pokey tool out again"

  7. "Please can I have another fish bite - I've been such a good boy!Can i. can I. can I"

  8. he is saying..."Me, too please!"

    You know he would love to create with you!

  9. I think he is saying "Do I have to start crafting to get any attention around here?"

  10. I think scooby is saying:, "When`s it my turn to stroke the lovely papers"

  11. I think scooby is saying:,
    "OOO000h that ribbon would look great in my hair"


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