Saturday 14 November 2009

What can you do in two hours??

Alot of things most probably. lol.

Today, I've been down in Derby to the lovely Craft Central, and had an amazing day demoing for a group or two of lovely lovely ladies and the odd gent!

However, there had been an accident on the M1 and had closed it in both directions. Blimey.. I had to readjust the sat nav to bring me around a different way. So I came off at Junction 31 and it took an age to get me to my destination - well, around an hour and half extra than it should have!

On the way back, I thought it would have been back open again, and it wasn't until I was going down the slip road that I saw all the bloomin' traffic... still stood all along the motorway! All day it had been causing havoc.

Anyway, it took me around an hour or so to travel around 300 yards! I am eventually home - tired, thirsty, cold and hungry!!

The memories of a fantastic day were there to cheer me up though - I saw a TV star too! The lovely Tracy Coates of Create and Craft fame dropped by to see me, and we went for a coffee. The customers were amazing, and the staff - well, they are always amazing! Boy I love that shop!

Piccies tomorrow - they're all still on my camera. xx


  1. Hi Jo,

    Sorry to hear of your horrendous day travelling to and from your demo today. Driving is my pet hate subject at the moment, grrr how frustrating for you! I hope you've managed to wind down and relax now.

    Great to hear you had an good day once you arrived though, I bet the people there were glad you made it!

    Jill xx

  2. Hi Jo
    So nice to see you on Saturday, sorry to here about the jorney back goodness nows what time you got home!!
    Thanks for the magazine, haven't had time to look at it jet as I have been having trouble with my scanner it's died (god rest it's soul!!)gess what I'm getting for Christmas?
    Anyway I shall be in touch very soon.

    Lots of Hugs and Kisses
    Tracey xx


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