Saturday 7 November 2009

Busy Busy Busy..

I've had a pretty busy week alright... blimey, things have been pretty hectic. But I'm not complaining.. oh no.. definately not!

I never even got around to showing you the sneek peek of the card I did for the Rosie Dee challenge did I? In fact, I was talking to Rosie today.. she's a spoilt little madam today! Her hubby has just bought her the most amazing solitaire ring ever! It's a corker!

here's my challenge card, well, a sneak of it anyway.

This stamp is such a lovely stamp. It's from Stampin Up - I'll check which set and let you know! Lordy, I'm so unorganised.. I did write the set down which I'd used, and forgot where I put it. lol.

And just how cute is this little guy? Just another sneaky peek for a project I'm sharing with you tomorrow. 

So what else have I been upto?

Christmas wrapping paper shopping.. lol. I've got an allocation of 100 parcels to send off to the troops this year for christmas, so have been to buy all my bits to get wrapping. I am holding a Pack and Wrap in a couple of weeks in the Doncaster area, so details of that coming soon. Anyone want to come along and help? Free cups of coffee or tea and biccies??

I went down to the warehouse to get my wrappings, and they had a special offer on the gift tags and tape, so everything's coming along swimmingly.

We also managed a couple of Christmas prezzies - in November? That must be a first - but actually, I did get one of my prezzies earlier on this year.. well, there is a first for everything. Now I guess that most things will get bought in December, as per usual.. lol.

This week, I've recieved some bags of used stamps which will be being forwarded onto the SOS head office.

What we are looking for at the moment are used stamps, handmade cards for the boxes and get well cards to send onto the injured soldiers. Just thought I'd share..hehe.

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