Thursday 5 November 2009

Honey... I'm home...

Crikey - what an evening.

We've not been celebrating our Bonfire Night here, but have been trudging through the traffic around Sheffield to get to an open evening at the University of Sheffield Medical School, where Martina has been offered a place on one of their courses ... she's only 13!!!! But it is a SOAMS course (the University of Sheffield Outreach and Access to Medicine course) which is where they are trained up basically for their entry and application to Uni, if they are wanting to complete a medical course.

It was all rather interesting if I must say, but we all (the whole room) was in hysterics with the presentation by the last speaker. I can't remember his name, but he was sooooo funny!!!

Apart from the great presentations, we had to fight our way through the soddin' traffic - I'm sure everyone in the UK had diverted through the M1 into Sheffield - which made us about half hour late.. *sigh*.

Anyway, we're back home now, all safe and sound, and peace is reigning in the house once more. Truly is so funny when we're not home, (even though they had Leyton as their personal woofy sitter!) because she won't go out for pee-pees or eat her dinner.

Right. That's all my news for today. I've alot to show you tomorrow.. including a photo of a mushroom we found which must've been at least a foot in length!!!! Imagine the mushroom stroganoff you could have made with that! (note to self - must get a fungi book to find out which ones we can eat!)

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  1. I'm sure the traffic everywhere is getting worse Jo. I'm sending you a Jillybean hug for getting caught in that!

    Well, Hamish is probably like your other 2, dinner eaten as normal, the fireworks don't seem to bother him although he must at least wonder what is going on when he looks up to listen! But, he trots along as normal with his tail still wagging!

    About the mushrooms, I got a book and was still a bit dubious about trying them!! Carried it about on many a walk but, yes, I'm a wimp. It is tempting though when you find some beauties, especially a whole meals worth in one mushroom:)

    Jill x


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