Monday 16 November 2009

Back to the furballs - -

Morning everyone..

I have always said on my blog, that good food for your dog is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Sometimes you give your dog a food that it likes, sometimes it's for the cheapest, and sometimes because you don't know any difference. Now, I've bought up the subject of Bakers (aka bonkers!) dog food before on here, and today I came across this.

In ireland they have to list all the ingredients i have had this for a while, but just look whats in it

Sunset yellow, tartrazine and carbon black are all banned in kids due to hyperactivity, so why feed it to a dog?

There are also things in the food that are banned from human consumption, so again.. why give it to your dogs?

Obviously the choice of what you feed your dog is entirely upto you. But I can tell you a little story about my Scooby.

He was on Bakers when he first came to us nearly two years ago. He had got what was called Colitis, if he ate anything he shouldn't, then he'd have to run to the toilet for days, and would bend over double in agony for around five days. He was constantly at the vets. We had taken him off Bakers, as Holly was on a 'good food' (Hill's Science plan). He was still having problems for months.

After a long time, he is now fit and well. His coat has improved, he doesn't drink so much as he did before, his colitis is now something of the past and he is a totally different dog. So, I can say from experience, that giving a dog a food that has colours in 'just because it looks pretty' is not something you should do. Go for a good food! Wainwrights (pets at home), James Wellbeloved and Hill's are three of the top ones in my opinion. My wooflets never vary from these brands, and they are in brilliant condition.

Also, they are Springers - how many people do I meet in the Woods that say 'ooooh, bet they're a handful'.. well, actually, no they're not. They are quite lazy springers really. But Scooby wasn't when he had Bakers! And the treats are no exception!!! Dozy me - bought some bacon sizzles strips that were Bakers - talk about hyper!! Never again.. Sardine cake here we come.

You wouldn't eat McDonalds everyday.. so why give it your dogs?

And just one last thought - you feed Bakers / other because it is cheaper.. ? Well, actually it's not. You have to give an awful lot more of the cheap food to your dogs than you do the Premium brands mentioned above!


  1. Some very timely advice Jo, thanks. I was about to spam all my doggy friends for dog's dinner advice :-)

  2. On your advice Jo, we moved Maisy from Bakers and Pedigree to James Wellbeloved & Wainwright and she's now excited about her mealtimes and she cleans her bowl like she never did before too!



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