Friday 27 March 2009

Oh how lovely!

Hello everyone...

How are you all? Me, I'm good... I've got over my moan the other day - thanks for all your emails.. lol..

I am just here on a waffle again - I forgot to charge my camera battery, so photos later! - but this time it is a really good waffle..

Have you come across Zoe's blog? Wow... she makes some lovely cards. And she is also a really lovely person!! I have just handed over the Daisy and Dandelion blog to her to run. I really don't have the time at the moment to keep up with everything as it is, and am just about caught up with cards for companies -just another 12 to finish for Tuesday. I have just recieved first design kit for another company too, more on that later. Then I still have a few to make for a couple of digikit companies. Oh it's all go here you know! I would love then to be able to get stuck into doing some challenges for myself.

I am also now well over a hundred cards to send off to Marie Curie, made using lots of bits and pieces from my studio - not that you can tell anything has been used!!
Back to Zoe's blog - this is what she wrote the other day - isn't it lovely?? I am really humbled actually. As a demonstrator, you like to inspire people, but to have it in black and white is so nice.

"...We then had a ride to Donny for the Do Craft demo - these events need a serious health warning. I've been mad at it ever since I got home!

I met the ever so lovely Jo Austin, again, she is such a sweet heart! and a brilliant crafter. She has taught me a lot over the years - I'm normally pretty quiet at the demo's - well the last one I went to I came out of my shell a bit - but normally I just hide in the background.

Jo probally wont remember but at a previous demo she got me to do some stamping as I never liked it - the results were rubbish - but Jo took the time to show me how to stamp and how to blend - and now I love it! Its cost me a fortune but well worth it and I am ever so thankfull - hubby isnt - but hey you cant please everyone!

I've picked up lots of tips today, especially about blending on the edges of the cards - I love this effect but Jo's way is brill, so I will, well I HAVE used it already and will be using it again.But the best thing today was some storage for my clear stamps - I was well impressed and as soon as my feet came in the house I was scouting for bit n bobs to make one for myself - I knew if I didnt do it today then it wouldnt get done.

So I've made TWO!!! I'll take some pics in the morning as its so bad light tonight but I am chuffed to bits with them.So, who is the TV star I met - well it was Jo and she signed me one of cards cos she is going to be on create and craft in the next week or so, she is filming 2 shows on Monday and they will be aired soon after - its for the company that makes the Eazi score boards - so watch out for her!

How nice is that? Thank you so much Zoe.

Well, I'm off to see if my batteries have charged.. so may well see you later.

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  1. You trying to make me blush again!!!

    Awww glad you liked what I wrote but its all true - most of my creations wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for you x x x


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