Thursday 5 March 2009

A blog award

This blog award was given to me the other day (however, I can't remember by whom! how bad am I?) and I thought I'd pass it on.. Thing is, I keep all my awards in a folder and always change their names on saving, but this one I must've forgotten to do and it only came up as a number!

Anyway, here's the award

Ooooh now then.. best comments - I would love to pass it onto 6 peeps who leave me comments most often..

So, that would be

  • Tenia,
  • Happy Crafter,
  • Jan,
  • Jane,
  • Juanita,
  • Marcea

Enjoy the award ladies.. xx


  1. Awww thanks hunny, this is such a great award and I am so happy to get it from you. Have a really lovely evening

  2. Thanks for the award, rock!!

  3. I am having a hard time getting this award off your blog to mine...I am trying to Save it but it won't let me....


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