Wednesday 4 March 2009

Gawd, I'm so stressed.... !

It's not a word I use lightly - only in jest - but today.. I really reallly REALLY am!!
I have just realised it's Wednesday - dustbin day here so I'm up and around extra extra early!

Then I'm at the opticians at half nine because I'm having trouble with keep going dizzy, so just checking the specs as I've a looooooong drive to Southport next weekend. If it's not the specs, then to the doccies I must a-went to get some stop-the-head-whirlygigging pills !

So why I am stressed??

Well, because I've just realised that
  • I've got 10 cards to finish for a commission by Friday, but also repeats of (like 2-4 times!!) and all the write ups - although they're looking great so far me thinks..

  • I've got samples for Debbi Moore to finish by the end of the week - around 10 cards for that...

  • I also have my LOTV card to do I think - not sure if this week's challenge is done & dusted.

  • Samples desperately need to be made for my Create and Craft meeting on Tuesday

  • I need samples and kits to do my big workshop on Monday - and just realised it's the other side of town and I don't have the car on Monday's (you know, since I wrote the other one off last June!)...

  • I have loads of samples to run up for two other companies too - one in the US and one in the UK.. although secretly can't wait to get stuck into these as the things I'm using are FAB!

  • And... to top it all, my new Docrafts kit arrived and all I've had time to do with it is look... baa humbug! I need to play.. I need to make my samples for next weekend's demo!

Blinkin' eck... don't you ever just think that you wish there were more hours in a day??
But hey.. I've still got something to show you.

These are some cards I made for the oober talented Kirsty Wiseman's printables website.. she loved 'em.. so I hope you do to. Don't forget the cd's out Mid March - I can't wait!!!!!

The papers print out absolutely fantastically and are a joy to use.. When I've got time, I'll be making more. lol..
Thanks for looking - I'm off to have me nervous breakdown now.. I've got a few minutes spare!


  1. Fab papers, love the colours and the cards you've made

    Jan x

  2. Aw these are lovely, especially the top one. xxx

  3. Love the cards, great colour combo. What alot you have to get done....good luck with it all. xx

  4. are a very busy lady..hope your coping with your nervous hope its gone before the we need

    these cards are gorgeous love the colours and the shapes of them.
    take care clare x

  5. Sorry to hear your feeling so stressed. I hope you start to calm down soon.

    Zoe x

  6. Kym's Crafty Cards10 March 2009 at 22:49

    Jo, lovely cards. Sorry to hear you are stressed out. You have got a lot of work on at the moment. All I can send you is some hugs and some calming thoughts to get you through. Kym xx


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