Monday 30 March 2009

An Inferiority complex

Oh how I laughed.. my post yesterday had a great reply from my sis, Julie..

She loves my lickle phoney-woney.. although it could be said, not as much as I! .. and she said yesterday that I needed to text her off my phone, because her phone has a severe inferiority complex now. Poor thing.. I didn't mean to hurt it's feelings! I just needed a new contract and after shopping around on Friday, this contract was offered and I couldn't refuse.. and when faced with a choice of phones, this one said 'buy me!!'.

So, what have I been upto this weekend? Well, as it happens, not alot. I was going to nip off to the show at Harrogate on Sunday, but decided to spend some quality time at home with the family. Being away last weekend meant enjoy this weekend to the max. And besides.. housework desperately needed doing. lol. I did however, find time to nip over and see my Sis and family. I can't believe how much the kids grow up. Sam, my neice, was having a bad hair day... Liam, nephew, was covered in mud - he'd been playing with the big boys at rugby, and mum.. well, she's just as daft as me! There's really no hope for me in the coming years at all!! Haha.

I didn't manage to hook up with my other neice, Stacey, who had the most beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago now.. She is quickly becoming a close second to ol' Nigella... what a great domestic goddess eh? Word of warning here.. I bought the book thinking it was going to make me a more fulfilled goddessy-type housewife, and in fact, it's just a baking book, which makes me a more filled and rounded (!) person.. which I am trying to shed! Bummer!

On another note.. I didn't manage to get any crafting done, but I did manage to find the most perfect ribbon for a couple of cards I wanted to make. It's lacy type.. and it looks lovely.

Well, it's Monday 9.08am, and I suppose I better these these loungy furmonsters up and out of bed, otherwise they'll stay there all day.. and I've got work that needs finishing.. !

Speak later.


  1. And I will have you know that my phone had the hump all day, it made all calls go to voicemail, wouldnt charge up and was just an ass in general till I gave it a good telling off, now it just keeps saying its been kidnapped and in a strange pocket lol. Daft?? Well I suppose it does say something when the kids are more grown up than us. A shame you cant put CERTAIN recordings on ya blog, Im still laughing hahaha xxxx

  2. Hi Jo, thanks for poping by today. Love your blog Lynne x


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