Thursday 5 March 2009

Feeling flowery!

Hi again ..
Two posts in one day - well, actually I'm still laid in bed with the pupsters, they're having a bit of a lazy morning!

I thought I'd just post these cards up to show you the amazing things you can do with vellum! As a parchment crafter I love using vellum in all shapes and sizes and to make flowers is just the best.. funnily enough, it also fits in with the challenge that Julie's set for her blog candy here.
Here are the pics..


  1. These are lovely Jo, I especially like the bottom one with the umbrella full of flowers. Thanks for entering and good luck with winning.

  2. wow! I love velum! parchment craft is so pretty!

  3. Aw these are lovely, brings back memories of you `trying` to learn me how to make the flowers, Ive still not managed to do one that doesnt look as though its not gone in the lawnmower lol. xxx

  4. These are absolutely superb :o)
    Jackie xx


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