Friday 29 July 2011

Strawberries... raspberries... chili's....

What can you do when you have them in abundance?? Well.. make jam! We took a ride upto the local strawberry farm, and ended up coming home with a wide range of soft fruits, and as I had a bit of a quiet day I decided to get the stove on and get out my preserving pan!

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So, that's what I've been upto this past week, no crafting I have to say, but I've really enjoyed making pots and pots of lovely jam - strawberry jam, raspberry jam, peach conserve, chili jam. Yes. Chili Jam.. although noone really likes it as it has a bit of a kick (so I'm hoping that the taste cools slightly!)

Now, when I say Chili Jam... I don't mean Jam in the normal sense of the word - it's really not the sort of jam you could spread on your toast - it's more akin to steaks and cheese boards.. but still very tasty!

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I did use more red chilis than the red peppers, so I think I may just try to make it again with more pepper.. how do you make yours??

I didn't strain the jelly, I left the floaty bits from the chilis and peppers as I thought it made it look prettier.... even if it was a bit spicier than normal! lol..

Normal crafting will resume shortly - my attention span at the moment is probably no more than a gnats.. and I just can't sit to colour in as I'd like.. but I do promise a card soon!

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