Tuesday 26 July 2011

I didn't share this.... so I am now!

A few weeks ago, you'll remember I went on a jolly jaunt across the country to Bath?  Well.. this is where I stayed.

It's the Old Parsonage, in Farrington Gurney. Oh what a place!!

The hospitality was great, and the lady who owns the house came out to the Courtyard to greet me upon arrival.. something you don't get at Travelodge!

This was the room that I had for the night... it was soooo pretty I can feel a need for my own bedroom to be redecorated! Looking at the picture above, I was in the upper right of the building.

It is the French Renaissance room, and it was tastefully decorated with beautiful pale blues and creams.

I just loved how the whole room looked, and the price was very appealing too - what a great service LateRooms.com gives.

My most favourite part of the room was the shutters.. She had asked if I minded road noise as there was a small road to the front of the house. I shut the shutters shown here - very heavy wooden ones! and the whole room was as black as anything - now I like a bit of light, so I opened them up again a little bit.. but it was fun having them there.. it is the old fashioned things that I loved.. shutters and sash windows.. just perfick!

And what was the purpose of the visit?? To come here -

yes, it's the Creativity TV studio where all the videos that are on the Docrafts website are made. It's a little surreal when I'm there.. it's just like stepping into Clare's footsteps.. and it was quite sad that she wasn't there with me this time.. I was there on my own. All by myself. Just me. On my own! Well, apart from Wendy the videographer and her lovely assistant.

And do you want to know what I made? Well.. that remains a very closely guarded secret for the next few weeks at least.. but I'll let you know when they're on the site, so if you're a Creativity Club member, you can go and take a peek..

Right.. must fly - being in hospital and recovering has left alot of things that need to be done, and I am slowly but surely getting around to doing them..

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  1. that room is absolutely stunning and you had a gorgeous view to wake up to most envious lol x


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