Monday 9 May 2011

Tied up and Turdus Philomelos!

I was a little bit tied up today.

When I was talking to Sharon this morning, her little puss bought a birdy into the house. Oh dear, poor Shazzy was in a right state - so I duly went to rescue her before the cat had another munch!

This was what the little beauty was.. (not the actual bird, but an internet version!)... a Song Thrush.

Not a really good photo, but believe me, the little birdy we got (me and Sharon's son, Fabian) was a little stunner. Such beautiful birds are the Song Thrush. (aka Turdus Philomelus).

It didn't turn out to be such a good end for the little love, but at least she isn't in any pain now.

Anyway.... onto my being tied up. Obviously in the loosest sense of the word!! I have been tied up making a little tutorial video for you all, of a folded tie that we did at my demo's this past weekend. It's been all poshy edited (!!) by my lovely daughter. (She is a bit ... naah...alot more techie than myself!) and here is the final result if you'd like to have a looksie.

Ok.. that's all for today - my head hurts from watching Lady M do the video for me.. if only I knew half as much as that girl!

Righty... off for now.. Check back soon!! Off to edit video number 21 now!

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