Sunday 8 February 2009

Waiting time is over....

So, what's the big announcement I hear you ask??

I'll give you a clue -

This is where I was on Friday, and spent all week preparing for! I had a screen test down in Peterborough at Head Office... and I did 'fantastic' apparantly! I was also told by Martyn, the presenter that I could talk!! Well, isn't that what my job is all about?! He is actually a very tall bloke - I never realised he was quite so tall! I mean, I know I'm a shorty, but he just towered above me.. lol.

I had a great time there - even if it was only a short (very short) time on camera, which seemed really wierd. You stand in front of the cameras doing the filming, and also two tv monitors at the front of you which you have to avoid looking at.. lol.. quite odd.

Anyway, I did my party piece, my demo, and that was it. I was told my floor manager Howard and my contact there, Michelle, that I had done great and there were no problems at all. They were all very pleasant down at Ideal, and yep.. I'm loving the fact that I can be a part of it!!

I am down to do a recording mid March, and also a meeting down there mid Feb, so watch this space...

I feel so very lucky and those who have helped make this possible - you know who you are! And a very big, heartfelt Thank you to you too!

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