Tuesday 24 February 2009

I forgot to show you this....

Now, I always thought that I had a pretty peculiar sense of humour, but I reckon my DD Carley beats that one hands down!

Let me explain -

Last week, I had a knock on the door from a Policeman, to ask if I had heard anything the previous evening. No, says me.. and then he asks if I'd lost anything out of the garden.. I thought it was an odd question, but I counted the dogs and yep, there were still three.. My studio was still there standing .. so I said I hadn't..

He then held out two bird feeders and asked if they were mine.. chuckling under my breath at this very stupid question (and more oddly because I actually recognised the feeders as mine!) I said yes.. The PC handed them to me and said they were in the next door's garden, along with a shovel .. had I lost a shovel?? I said no.. then after what seemed like aaaaaaages.. he told me that the house two doors away had an attempted break in the previous evening. Fortunatly, Ann or Chris who live there had disturbed the whoever-it-was's and the break-in wasn't succesful. They were apparantly after the handbag in the kitchen, which was placed on the worksurface.

The police were presuming that the shovel was used to try to lift the window from the sill (!) and it had broken the sill and glass. ... but they couldn't work out what they were doing with my bird feeders.. hahaha. Maybe it was going to be used as a weapon - I mean, peanut allergies are lethal you know!

So.. onto the story of the poster on the window...

I was telling my family about Ann's window and Carley got a bit mortified because she sleeps downstairs in her purpose built bedroom.. although she has Scooby, she thought maybe the burglars would come to break in our house.. so she made this sign and stuck it to the window.
(the sign reads - PLEASE BEWARE, THIS IS A BEDROOM, I DO NOT WISH TO BE ROBBED WHILST I AM ASLEEP, PLEASE USE BACK DOOR INSTEAD, please don't wake my Scooby-Doo, he has trouble sleeping and has a very loud bark.. woof!)

Witty? I think not!!


  1. ahhh thats brilliant Jo... I would have probably added don't wake the rottweiler either lol !!!

  2. Well, I think it is very clever! Nice of her to add that she has a dog with a loud bark!

  3. Sorry but I thought that was bloody hysterical lol hahaha, that daughter of yours cracks some pearlers lol. xxxx


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