Wednesday 25 February 2009


Oh what a day.. two fantastic things = me on cloud 9!

I had a comment left me yesterday from Freycob (Rosie Dee's Challenge) to say I'd won the RAK last week - I can't believe it... I mean, I've never won anything in my life! Well, apart from a little 'something' when I was around 12 years old at a raffle, and that caused more than enough upset and has haunted me all my life!!!!!

But enough of that... this is what I've won..

It's a little RAK kit to make this fantastic little pen pot..

Now isn't this just fantastic? I love it, and it'll take pride of place in my studio when I've made it!

I have dreamed of this moment all my life since I was 7 years old, in my
bathroom, holding a shampoo bottle.. but this is no shampoo bottle...

LOL... Don'tcha just love Kate Winslet!!!!! Funnily enough, you know exactly what she means when she comes out with the blurb.. exactly how I feel knowing I won something on a challenge blog! LOL... Me reckons that she does blog challenges too!! Yeah right!!

This winning malarky has got me in the vibe now - I may just come back later with a bit of Blog Candy / Rak myself!!

Watch this space......

Secondly, you know the fantasmalogically oober talented Ms Kirsty Wiseman? Well, she's only gone and featured a couple of my cards on her brilliant blog!!!

Now, sssh.. but me lubbs this talented, clever designer.. She is so genuine and sweet and has oodles of paper fashionista coming out those skant little veins of hers! Raw talent! That's what I call it... she takes to the computer and creates all these wonderful things with her own fair hands. Very clever lady!

Take a peek over at her blog and have a rummage around - you won't be disappointed, and I'm pretty sure you're going to be hooked. Her new cd range is to die for, they print out fantastic and the quality never fails!

And... do you recognise these??

These too were created by someone I know lol, and I think they are luvverly! They are available at Docrafts stockists for now, they came out in January and are probably near to selling out in the stores.. so go grab yourself a pack.. the colours are great and the designs are lush.. somewhere on here is a card or two I made with them.. can't remember where.

Talking of Docrafts, there are some really pretty things coming out on the 1st March - two trips to the Range I've had, and still no sign of seeing any of it .. I might just take my tent and camp outside! Mind you, I was told yesterday the new bits were in the warehouse, just not out on the shelf - now if that's not holding strawberries out for this ol' donkey, I don't know what is! Tormenting I say... tormenting! So cruel!

So.. excitement over.. that's it for now.. who needs the Oscars when you've got a blog eh?

Till later xx


  1. Congratulations on your win Jo - it is always such a kick to win something isn't it! I want to see the finished product :o)
    Going to pay a little visit to this fab source of inspiration you have posted - can't wait to see her blog, thanks for the link. I love the springburst paper pack - such fab colours and designs .... deffo one of my faves! Roll on the 1st of March ...... need my new goodies to play with :o)
    Have a fab day hun

  2. Congratultions on your win.


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