Thursday 15 May 2008

Daring Card Makers?!

Look what I've been spent my time doing today... catching up with the challenges on Daring Card Makers.. I really enjoy their challenges, great fun!

Paper or Clocks
Another Midweek challenge based on the traditional and modern gift lists for Wedding AnniversariesThis time we've chosen the 3rd Anniversary, so you have the choice ofPaper or Clocks to inspire your card making this week - which is nice and easy don't you think?

Team Dare!! Recycle..........

This week we have a team dare for you ....and we have been looking at Recycling once again. BUT there is a tiny twist! (you'd expect no less eh?) We want you to have a look at old shop bought greetings cards, wrapping paper or gift bags which you have received in the past and recycle any elements to make a card of your own.You could use them to make backgrounds, cut small focus pieces out, or use the flowers, ribbon and other interesting bits and pieces that are often attached to the cards.So there you go! Simple eh? So come on join in and reuse, go green, start recycling!

Sorry about this one being a christmas theme.. they're the only recycled bits I could find! lol.

2nd in our series....

Our mid week dare has come flying around again and we have gone back to our series of cards inspired by Anniversary gift themes for this weeks little extra dare.This week we are hoping to inspire you with the modern and tradional gifts for the5th Anniversary, which is Wood or Silverwarewhich has been randomly picked- just to keep you on your toes ! :)Do with it what ever you wish, it doesn't have to be aniversary card, just inspired by the gift theme.

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