Saturday 5 January 2008

Challenge Day 5 = Trying to keep up...

... but I've had a really busy day today, so no chance.. still! Uploading the challenge for today, and will get them done when I get chance.

Day 5
Prompt 5
"I am beautiful no matter what they say"
Christine Aguilera

Lets get up close and personal.
How do you feel about the person you are, insde and out?
See you tomorrow

Oh now that is a million dollar question! Probably best not listening to me waffle on about what I think, but ask others what they think.. lol..

On the outside, it seems I am rather larger than life, and could do with losing a few pounds to get to the real me, but I don't mind being on the cuddly side.. I'm used to it.. and I like to think that people take me as they find me, not make their minds up on what I look like.

At times I can be a little bit on the awkward side, argumentative, picky, grumpy, miserable.. but on the plus side, I can be quite funny, cheerful, happy to help anyone I can, thoughtful, loving and a friend in a million! I'm pleased to say the awkward side only comes out every so often - usually at 'that' time of the month!

So that's me.. inside and out.. what about you?

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