Friday 22 June 2007

Complete Cardmaking Fame!

Well.. i'm in print! Wow what a feeling.. apart from the mug shot at the back that looks like I'm on valium.. but hey! a small price to pay for a bit of fame.... You'd have thought they would have sent me to South America to lie on a yacht or something for a good portraity pic, but no.. in my dining room, on a ten minute turnaround.. hahahah...
Anyway onto the matter in hand. As you may guess, I'm published - this time with the official title of 'designer'. I've been in many other magazines with my work, but on an ad-hoc basis, not a commission. This is my first of a few over the next few months, and hopefully a few more after.
This is the mag.. Complete Cardmaking - it's out this week.


  1. Great cards, Jo. Congratulations on your commissioned articles - you are a star!!

  2. mum-on-the-run22 June 2007 at 19:47

    Well done Jo!!

    Will be sure to have a nosey at the mag


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