Monday 18 April 2011

What a week.....

I just don't know where time is going lately!

This week I had lots of work to do (proper work... paid work!) and hopefully some time this coming week I'll be recieving my Docrafts kit for May/June, so will need to get cracking on samples.

However. To fill you in, this week I've had some magasine commissions to complete which have now been posted (and I am absolutely chuffed to bits with how they looked - totally not like my usual style, but still lovely!) and also had a jewellery demo to prep for for last Saturday.

I was down in Leicester for the day with a few other ladies for the Gadsby's Event.. there was me doing jewellery, Elaine (a fellow Docrafts demo) making cards, a lady called Alison doing whatever she was doing, and this wonderful lady called Bonnie, who is one of the nicest people you could ever ever wish to meet.

She was there doing a Polymer Clay demonstration... and my oh my... I've never seen anything like her work in all my life!!

Her work is absolutely exquisite... and I was blessed to have been given a Jar of Hope and a pendant. I will treasure these!

I will find the link to her site and share... honestly, you'll be amazed!

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