Saturday 23 April 2011

My Crafty space

I thought I would just show you a sneaky peek into my craft space. I have recently moved into the house, after working in my craft shed for however many years, and I am just more or less getting it sorted. Also because I keep promising to show people where I 'work' and never get around to it.. so are you ready?? You've got a cuppa and a biccy??

Well.. where to start? I'll begin with where I sit.

PhotobucketOn the windowsill you can see paintbrushes, as I like to do a little bit of oil painting now and again. My labeller is there too, for my SU stamps and general labelling purposes.. a cup my daughter bought me for Mum's Day, and a clock from my other daughter from a few years ago.

On my desk are some drawers that hold my embossing tools, cutting and pokey tools, aqua painters and other bits, and also some general things that are also always out on the desk. There is also my laptop, my filofax and my phone - all very very important things!!

On this one above, you can see the storage that I have under the desk. The one nearest the chair with the thin drawers in has Commission items in, so any projects that need working on are in there. The other drawer set has punches in both drawers. The white drawers on the right of the chair hold my SU papers, card blanks and general stuff in the bottom drawer. You can also see some plastic drawers on top, and that holds SU punches, MS punches, promarkers and copics. Lastly, my filing cabinet and printer etc.

Now this picture..


Well, firstly, what can I say?

I love stamping... so this is many years worth of stamps.

Wooden stamps would always have to remain my favourites, although as you can probably see, I have quite alot of acrylics.

The brown storage bag on the plastic drawers is full of things that have no home (yet!.. remember I'm still sorting!) and that plastic drawer set holds some general bits and bobs that I don't use too often.

You can also see my Big Shot sat on a box of card, and a tub full of satin flowers.

Bottom left is the doggies duvet, as they need somewhere comfy to lie when I'm working.

There is a little brown and white doggie sat on my desk in a tub (sort of in the centre).. and that was Holly's little Doggywog.. she had him when she was tiny, and it just sits on the desk as Scooby would just chew it up. lol 


I don't know if you can see it well enough on this photo above, how I store my stamps.

I managed to purchase some grid wall racking and hooks from a shop that was closing, and my wooden stamps are hung by a U shaped nail thing (!) and the acrylics hung as they are with the euro slots.

There's not much organisation to my stamps, although I know where ones are if I needed them. However, my acrylics are sorted by brand and type. 

On these shelves, you can see my ribbon storage (better photo below), my shower rail that holds shower curtain rings that hold odds and sods of stuff, and also more of my stamps that I haven't hung yet.

On the bottom shelf are some of my SU stamps and a mixture of others.

Top shelf is just random stamps, my Forever Friend wooden stamps, and a box full of stamps I no longer want but can't bear to throw away!


Now, this is my ribbon storage solution. I bought the two hanger slot things that attach to my wall, from the shop that was closing.

I then bought some metal dowel rods and threaded my ribbons onto it.. most of it is now colour coordinated, but some still need sorting.


Now, back to the side of my desk for a sec - this is near the door to my room.

On the white cupboard, I have boxes in the top to hold pens/pencils/odds and sods, next one down is now jewellery stuff and beads, then under that I have my SU cardstock and a lovely fluffy pencil case from my friend Nikki.

Under that holds my (or should I say some of?) my nesties, embossing folders and dies.

And under that are my bags for my demo's and workshops.

You can see the plastic storage drawers a little better here and on top of it is my display hanger. 


 And what's a room if you don't have nic-nacs?

As you can see I've got photos of the things that are important to me, and hearts - a room has to have a heart or two. It's the law!

The wires still want sorting out a little - but we're getting there slow but sure. After all, it's only been about 3 months since I moved in. Haha.


Built in Wardrobe... and behind it holds drawers.... lots of drawers .... all 24 of them!
Which in turn hold paper, peel offs and most possibly more stamps! This also holds lots of other things that I don't tend to use too often, like plastic scrapbooking pages, print outs of different things and bits and bobs.

In between the two sets of drawers (there is another one on the other side) you can see the plastic boxes.. these hold parchment inks and pens, demo bits and pieces and embossing powders that don't fit on the shelves below.


This is behind the door, and was a fireplace - it's now full of paper, scrapbook albums and the top has shelves that hold... well... everything else embellishment wise.


The top shelf holds tubs for everything I don't use too often. The second shelf down holds my chalks, some tubs of smaller stamps, and bits and pieces. Third shelf is brads, papers (A5) and colouring mediums. Fourth shelf is for papers and Bind It All wires. The next one down is for stamping - so inks, powders, etc. The next one is mainly sizzix dies etc.. but has some other bits at the right side. The bottom shelf holds another box of embossing folders, die cutting bits and pieces, my SU inks, glues, and then on the right there are cups that are special to me (doesn't everyone have special cups??) that hold pens, pencils and other bits I need to put in a cup.

The little yellow book on the bottom shelf is "My Dog thinks He's Human!" and is such a funny, good read!

So.. there you have it.. my crafty place. Do you have your own space? Leave me a comment and I'll nip over to be nosy and leave you a comment.


  1. OH JO...i LOVE your new crafty space!!!! So much more room then your shed too!!! So bright and cheery!!!! My crafty space in the basement behind the furnace looks rather bare and boring compared to this but Gary would say mine is full of junk none the less! lol Last count i think was more than 600 bottles of craft paint! And more ceramic and wood projects than i got time to finish!!! LoL I'll have to pop off a pic to you soon! tata for now love xoxo Lesley

  2. I don't have a space at the moment but am counting the days! My son is due to move out and I am having the box room at last!! I can't wait but I love your space and my space looks very similar or at least it will!!


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