Wednesday 27 April 2011

Little lovely furry things...

Just a quick post for tonight, but I wanted to post a few photos - after all, that's what a blog is for right? lol.

The photos are of the little furbabies, taken the other day. I actually went out to take some photos of the birds, and nearly got wiped out by Scooby as he noticed I was going outside with my camera! Boy.. he likes the camera.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots I got.


Bless his little mush... he's such a cheeky boy. His teeth are a little worse for wear, mainly because he was obviously allowed to chew stones when he was with his 'other' family. It is a bad habit that nearly two years later, are still trying to get him to stop doing - mainly so he doesn't wear down his poor teeth any more than they are. Still a little stunner though.


Awww... mummy's little munchkin. Holly's been really lovely today, and this evening has not really left my side as I had a slight 'incident' in the woods whilst on our walk - needless to say it took me about 15 minutes to walk the last few yards to the car and I am now sat in agony with my foot in the air! She is such an affectionate little love, and loves nothing more than sitting for hours having her belly tickled! I wanted to share this photo because it's not that often you can get such a good photo of her.


Does this classify as furry? Well, I think so. Loving the bokeh on this photo too - nearly as much as I love this little weed.

There's something quite lovely about dandelion clocks, it must come back to my younger years.

Right.. must dash... well, not exactly dash (as that would be a physical impossibility this evening!!!)

Will be back tomorrow with a card or two.

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  1. Your photography is amazing, can you recommend a digi SLR? I am hoping to invest in a new one soon. Thanks.


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