Wednesday 30 June 2010

A grand day out

It has been a bit of a whizz of a week.. and it all started off when I saw this lonely little person...


Yep.. it's my friend, Nikki! (and the left luggage sign? well, it had a bit of a play with photoshop.. it wasn't really like that!)

We had arranged a few weeks ago to have a day out in York. Nikki was travelling down from Scotland, and we had planned a day craft shopping and exploring.... and that's exactly what we did!

The first thing we did was get on a bus to take a tour around the City. It was sooo much fun - but when did the Scottish accent sound like German? The bus driver was offering headphones to Nikki for the German translation. So funny.

The great thing about the bus tour was that you could get on and off as you wished. It was soooo worth the money!


This was one of the University's. Very pretty indeed.


Next, we got off the bus to go up to the Shambles. We had our lunch and took a venture up there. So quaint - and of course there were some craft shops up there too! Nikki was very naughty and found lots of lovely beads to buy. Me? Well, I bought a couple of things - googly eyes for a stamp I have, a couple of findings for a project.. simple bits.


This is my favourite view of York. The Minster. It is such a beautiful building.

And another taken from a different angle.


Just before we came home, we decided to take a trip up the River on a River Cruise.

The day was fantastic weatherwise, sunny all day, but not too hot, but the breeze off the river was lovely. It was a very relaxing way to spend an hour.


But of course we had to have refreshments too while we waited for our Cruise ship lol....


And here it is -the River Prince!


We both had a really nice relaxing day, and time to go home came around far too early. But we WILL be doing it again sometime soon.. Venue is being decided on as we speak!

So, that was Friday. My sides still hurt from all the laughing we did. It was such fun.

Thanks Nikki!

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