Thursday 24 June 2010

Christmas card 2

I thought for this card I made for Kay, I'd make a little 'Christmassy' card. The stamped image just sort of called for it really. The colours are quite contemporary so gives the card a fresher look.

Not much to say really today - I've been quite busy this week with one thing or another, so haven't had much time for crafting for me.. That will change tomorrow that's for sure. lol. Tonight however, we have our Stampin' Up Workshop up in Carcroft, so I'm chopping, packing and sorting stuff out for that.

I've also spent a bit of time this week sorting out my craft studio. It was looking like a hurricane had hit it, and everything needed sorting out and putting back where it should be.. so now everything has a home and everything is in place. Tidy. Neat. Lovely!

Happy crafting everyone.. I'll be back soon!

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