Thursday 1 July 2010


What a lovely way to wake up on a Sunday morning!

Albeit, I was still sleeping until my hubby shook me to come and have a look.. He had heard a BANG outside, and thought someone was breaking in so went to investigate. There wasn't anyone there, so went to look out of the upstairs window and saw flames roaring above the houses!

There is a storage yard just down the lane across from where we live, and something in there had exploded at around 4am and it all went up in flames.

Of course, I grabbed my camera.. and here's the piccie.

This was taken at around quarter past five, so the flames had died down compared to what they were like.

What a funny start to the morning. Conversations on the park (where the photo was taken from) and children playing on the swings - 5.15 in the morning.. so wierd.

The roads nearby were closed for the rest of the day and the following morning whilst the fire crews were damping down. But normal service has now resumed.

Shame noone had any fillet steak to barbeque whilst we were watching!

Later that morning, I took a trip down to the local Craft Show. The Stamp Magic show is very well loved by crafters, and there were lots of familiar faces around. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

So. That was my Sunday. Explosions... Crafting... and other than that, just relaxing! Perfect!!

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