Tuesday 6 July 2010

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it's come to my attention that some people don't know about us second-hand dogs. Being that I AM one, I thought I'd tell you a little about me and about us. My sisters, Cali and Mira, came to our house when they were puppies and my Mom had been waiting for them since before they were born. That's not how it happened with me. I got here all grown up and had been waiting for her! She'd been waiting for me too, actually, but she just didn't know it. Sometimes two-legs aren't as smart about things as they think.

I'm a second hand dog, but I've got first rate love. I wag my tail just for you. I practiced for the others that got to me before you, but there's a special wag and a little noise I make just 'specially for when I see you and you've come home to me after being out for a while.

I'm a second hand dog. Sometimes we second hand dogs get to you because somebody who loved us died. Sometimes we get to you because somebody we loved left us. Sometimes we never had anybody before we got you. Sometimes we lived forever in a cage until we don't know how to do anything except spin in circles. We made puppies for people who walk into pet stores to pick up a book or some fishfood and leave with a puppy instead. Mom says dogs aren't meant to be impulse buys, but so far England doesn't know that. She wants to tell people to look me in the eye, both the good one and the one that got ripped open in the puppy farm, and tell me why it's important they have the choice to walk into a store to buy a dog without a plan the way some folks buy a magazine or a pair of socks. But Mom says that isn't very nice of her so she tries to say it in a better way.

We second hand dogs often have old eyes even when we're babies. I think it's because we're used to looking at people who don't see us. Once you DO see us though....our old eyes are sparkly (even if you've got a blind one, like me) while also being soft with love. It can take a long time for the sad to drain out of them though, or the scaredness. You might have to wait a while for that to go away for good. But most of the time, you'll get the soft and cushy love like something you can just rest in. The first time we fall asleep on you, my Mom says it's like somebody gave you the best present ever.

We second hand dogs come with things we know, but there's plenty we don't, so we need you to help us learn what's important in our family. Can I go on the furniture? Where do I eat? How do you want me to let you know when I need to go outside? Can I chase the cats? How should I say hello to people who come to visit? Will you leave me when you take me on a car ride? What if I eat your slippers (because you forgot to tell me I shouldn't and left them where I found them)? I'll learn the things I need to know, but I need you to figure out the lessons and help me practice the homework. I love the sound of that.....HOMEwork. Second hand dogs love practicing their HOMEwork.

So if there's ever a time when you think there might be room for a second hand dog in your family, don't be afraid to bring us home. And for us second hand dogs, just like the dogs that got waited for before they got born, a family is the best thing ever.
Your Truly, Tansy I got a home now Pansy Pants

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