Friday 9 July 2010

Birthday Puppy...

Here he is.. the Birthday Boy.. Scooby is our rescue springer who had his 4th Birthday on Tuesday.

We've had him since he was 18 months old, and he's just a little (errm.. I mean rather giant... ) dreamboat. Why anyone would want to put him up for adoption is beyond me. They said they couldn't cope. But he is absolutely no bother at all.. just give him food, a cup of tea and a double bed and he's happy! lol. And a lick of a yogurt pot, a tripe stick and a bit of ice cream is nice too!


He is SOOOO unimpressed by being woken up at half past five in the morning. Can you tell??

Mind you... his little Sis doesn't look that much interested either! Here's Holly.


When we were looking around for another Springer, Holly chose Scooby herself. It was only fair that she did the choosing as it was going to be her playfriend and companion just as much as ours.

And the puss? Well.. he's just up for a cuddly snuggle any time of day.


Little Senna is now just over 12 years old. What a handsome chap for his age. He was 10 months old when we got him and his brother, Biela, who died a while ago, and he's just a delight to have (even if a bit vocal and opinionated at times!)

Now, did you notice anyone missing??

Yep. Truly and Kiara.(Kiara is my son's cat.. she's 11)

Early mornings,Truly (and in fact, Kiara) don't mix either - and I thought Springers and Cockers were supposed to be hyper?! I pointed the camera at her to get the birthday pics, and she just turned her back and wouldn't look at me.. but I'll get one of her later. lol.

Truly is our Cocker. A true little Irish Ginger Whinger. She came over from rescue in Ireland when she was nearly two, and came straight to us for fostering. Truly has so many mental and physical problems that she's stayed with us. She had her 4th birthday in May.  

Happy Birthday, Mr Scoobster.. xx

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Scooby!

    Love from Jill and Hamish xx


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