Tuesday 5 January 2010

Snow Business like Snow business....

Blimey - in a matter of a few hours, the whole place is covered with snow!

I didn't manage to get to sleep until around 2am this morning, and was up again at 5am - all was clear! Then I woke up a couple of hours later and it's absolutely chucking it down with snow!

It looks so beautiful.

However, I'm supposed to be recording down in Peterborough on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday... so please stop snowing!!!!!!

Today, I'm trying to get back into work again. Yesterday was my first day working after the holidays and I got making my samples for Create and Craft. Today, I'm waiting to find out for definate if my Docrafts kit will be on its way so I can get planning my projects for when it arrives tomorrow.

Now tomorrow is a busy day too, apart from waiting for my kit to arrive for this weekends demo, I also have to wait for Sky to turn up to install my HD box. We treated ourselves to a large (!!) flat screen HD LCD tv the other day and the quality of viewing through our Sky+ box isn't really very good .. plus the scart lead doesn't fit in when it's mounted on the wall! So, we're updating to the Sky HD which runs through a different cable, picture will be improved, plus my son will get the other box installed into his room for free! They'll all have sky boxes by the time we're done! lol. At the moment, my living room looks like a TV shop. The old tv is sat in the corner waiting to be taken to Kent at the next opportunity, as Paul's sister is having it. Makes sense as it's still under warranty.

I've also booked onto the one day Sale a Bration event that Monica is holding down in Peterborough middle of January so I need to be making some swaps to take with me. I'm travelling down with Sheila so it's going to be a blast! She is one funny lady and we have lots of planning to do for a big event we're holding in February. More details on this later.

So... that's me up to date. The dogs have been out playing in the snow.... daughter 2 is at school..... daughter 1 has a day off..... and I'm just going to get me a nettle tea! Yum.

Have a great Snowy day whatever you're upto.. xxx

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