Friday 29 January 2010

Just a little catch up

You know, this is about all I seem to have time for recently! lol.

Firstly though, can I thank you all who travelled around our ILWS blog hop this last week. I have been round the two lots of blogs myself, and WOW! There is alot of inspiration out there. There are also a few projects I'm going to try out myself too - when I get a chance. If you haven't been able to visit the blogs on my list of hoppers, then you must. All the projects are made using the Sale A Bration sets from Stampin Up, which are out for another month, and then they're gone, gone, GONE! Never to be seen again... so if you want them, check further down my blog.. or up on the top.. or even on the sidebar for further details.

Now then. What have I been up to this week?

Well. First and foremost, I took a trip into town this week to deliver off 110 cards to the Cancer Research shop. I always save up my demo cards in a drawer, and as soon as the appeal for this years charity came through from Docrafts, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I had already got some left over from the appeal last year, so I bagged those up, and I had my demo cards, so bagged those up.. plus I got out lots of stuff I wouldn't generally use on my own projects, but which just happened to be in my studio, and made some extra cards last week... so I bagged those up too! 110 cards and counting!

Then, I had some work to finish for a magasine commission this week. I used some really lovely masculine papers, but obviously I'm sworn to secrecy so can't share them yet - not much time to wait though.. the mag comes out at the end of February.

I have also been down to TV world again. (I'm not saying the channel, as it tends to be complained about by someone who has nothing better to do, then I end up getting my wrist slapped from Stampin Up), anyway, I'm sure you know where I mean. I have had two shows this week, and they went really well. Yesterday was a strange one though, as I was working with two presenters. AND.. I got to have coffee with a very important someone! (the fantabulously funny, witty bombshell that is Kirsty Wiseman!)

Actually, this last paragraph sorta explains why I haven't been on my bliggety-blog too much recently. I still love blogging, but can't get to grips with what I am, and am not, allowed to mention on here. It's all to do with the new IDA from Stampin Up, and when I happened to mention a TV station before christmas, I was reported to SU and very quickly told to sort it out - but in the nicest possible way. So, rather than drop myself in it again I hesitated from posting too much and sorta got out of the habit!

Anyway.. that's by the by..

Now I've finished the tv for a few weeks, and my demo's for this loop are over, I can concentrate more on my projects etc for the Stampin Up Workshop that my buddy Sheila and I are holding. Information is on my blog somewhere.. up there.. at the top.. I think!

We are having a FANTASTIC evening of crafting, and for a measly £5 you can come along, play with our SU stamps, and get settled in with a cuppa and a cake to make some brilliant projects. The price also includes all your materials that you need, refreshments, raffles.... and it is on Monday 22nd February, 7pm to 9pm at the Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Carcroft, Doncaster. Just email me if you'd like to know more.

So. That's me caught up again. I will be back to post a project or two later... if I get crafty that is. Because I wasn't here yesterday for most of the time, I have the dreaded housework to catch up on.. as well as taking a trip over to see Sheila on my way to the Range to buy some card for the place names and table plans I need to do for this weekend. lol.

Whatever you're upto, have fun doing it! See ya soon. xx

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