Thursday 14 January 2010

Introducing my little Pudcat

Did you know I have a cat? In fact, I've got two. We did have three, but this little guy's brother went over the Rainbow Bridge a while ago now.


This is Senna, the persian puss. He is now 12 years old and is such a loving little cat. He loves his tummy tickles and is a very demanding fussy-furball. lol. We've had Senna (and his brother, Biela) when they were 10 months old. They came from a breeder who wanted rid. They were in such a state,(matted up - never been combed, infected cuts from scissors, bad teeth or even still, no teeth!) totally underfed (and I mean two adult boys, half a tin of food between them per day!) and still trusting of people. Don't animals amaze you? They do me!

We also have Kiara, a little black and white cat, and she is 11.. I'll try to get some photos of her if she stays still long enough! We got kiara at 2 weeks old after she'd been dumped in a carrier bag! Our old dog, Asti, found her and her litter mates whilst out walking.


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  2. awww i remember you getting these lil fluffy gems.....seems like only yesterday! Sorry you've lost one of them......would you like my 6yr old Taz???? Me thinks Gary would gladly pay the postage airmail...& i must admit there are days he makes me tempting to post him off! I keep telling hubby a lil sad eyed floppy eared pup would be a piece of cake compared to Taz! Keep telling him he doesn't have to live up to his name ya know. LoL
    Hugz & love to you all, doll oxo


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