Saturday 3 October 2009

Wet... windy... but creative too!

What a morning! It didn't start off too bad until my washer decided to give up the ghost!

I was happily washing my towels (always a must in this house!) and I heard a ping.. went into the utility and noticed my washer wasn't whirring! The towels are dripping and now out on the line to at least dry out a little. Which brings me to the 'windy' bit! Thank heavens it's got an extended warranty - it's been worth it's weight in gold.

Bloomin' eckers, it's a bit windy this morning.. I know they said gales on the weather yesterday, but I didn't think they meant quite as bad as it was earlier. It's not a good thing with two out of three woofers who don't like the wind.. lol. It's calmed down a little now, with a little bit of sun. Lush!

So onto my cards for today.

I've got my Rosie Dee Challenge to show you .. well, part of it anyway! I'm not revealing the whole thing, you'll have to pop on over to the blog for that tomorrow, and take a peek with the other DT members cards. There you'll find all the details for the challenge this week. We have a fantastic sponsor too, so more details on that too over at the blog.

I have already revealed my last card from the Challenge blog in an earlier post, and I didn't have one last week due to my op. This week also sees some of the DT members leave, and I count myself very very lucky to be able to stay on for a while longer. 

I hope you all have a really lovely weekend. As you know, mine is going to be a quiet one, so hopefully I can get a bit more crafting done lol.

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