Monday 19 October 2009

Monday, Monday

I'm feeling a little rough around the edges this morning - yesterday I ate something that had milk and yeast in, and this morning's result is the feeling of general yuckness, sickies and just generally off colour. It's amazing how bad I feel when I do eat something without realising.. within a few hours I know! I'm sure it's the same with anyone in the same position, but I still find it odd.

I have munched on what I thought was healthy food for years, only to find (as in a previous post) that I couldn't eat the majority of things because I have an intolerance to them.

When I had the test done at Holland and Barrett in August (just because I constantly felt crappy) I was a little sceptical to say the least. However, a couple of months down the line and it's been a big relief to how I've felt. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling sick, headachey and generally off colour, but I wake with a spring in my step (well.. even springers on my bed!!) and feel totally different. So much so, that when I feel like I do this morning, I know that I may have missed something ingrediant wise to know it doesn't sit well in my digestion! lol.

So, what did I have yesterday? Well... after not eating crisps for years, I decided to eat a packet of Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps as I was peckish - 'oh it'll do me no harm.. just potato and flavourings' I said to myself..

Yeah Right!!! Include in that yeast extract, milk and all the rest of the gubbins that go with it and there's no wonder I feel a little ill... !! Now that will teach me to eat things without reading the packet!

So.. back to my dandelion tea, lepicol and acidophalus this morning... and hopefully tonight I'll feel much much better!!

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  1. I know that yukky feeling all to well chick. Feel better soon.



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