Tuesday 20 October 2009

Soup and Saucepans

Soup! How great is it to eat during the cold weather??

Well, most of it I can't actually eat as it has milk in it - including my all time favourite Tomato!! But what I can eat is the Covent Garden soups that are available ... you know the ones, around £2 a pot !! Yeah right!

These are ones that don't have all the extra's in that I can't eat - yeast, milk, yadda yadda yadda.. but By God, they're so expensive!! So, I thought I'd invest in a little cooky booky by the said company.. and voila.. a pot of soup!!!

This one is carrot and coriander (although I mushed my coriander up a little too much!)

I love carrot soup - it's the next best thing to Tomato in my eyes.. so with a little bit of this and that, twenty minutes in me saucepan and voila.. it's done!

This is the book I bought.. and you can get it from HERE if you wanted.. although mine came from Sainsbury's as it was more convenient - meaning really I wanted a pot of soup!!

There are some fantastic recipes in the book using a wide range of ingrediants. It's definately going to be well used.

In fact, very much like my saucepans..

Paul and I bought a set of saucepans when we were first married, like 22 years ago this Saturday, and one of them has finally succumbed to years of daily use!

The pan set we got were Imperial saucepans which cost us around £45, and they must have been the best things we ever bought. They have been used daily without fail.. until last Friday when the handle snapped off my big saucepan.. sob sob

I'm so relieved it wasn't full of hot water at the time! It was just like losing an old faithful friend.. in fact, even though I've now replaced the pan set, it's still sat on my side in mourning.. *sigh* And me's thinking that maybe I can use it as a plant pot.. hehe.

As they were such a fantastic set of pans, we have now re-invested in another set of newbies.

We bought Imperial ones again.. if they last us another 22 years I'll be happy! Although these ones are called INTWO by Imperial and these ones are black, whereas my others were stainless steel. I was very suprised at the price though - £58 the full set cost me.. not much inflation there was there??

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  1. That soup looks delicious Jo!

    My Swan stainless steel saucepans that we've had for coming on 20 years and used, like you daily, have served us well, but the handle fell off my milk pan a couple of months back. They had a lifetime guarantee, but you just try claiming on it. I had the original receipt (best part of £100 we spent on them!) and everything they said to keep, but the brand of Swan has been bought out so they have NO guarantee whatsoever. Deep joy!

    I won't be buying Swan saucepans again, I can tell you.


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