Thursday 8 January 2009

Mmmm... something smells fishy around here...

And the woofers are to blame!!!

Those who know me, should realise by now that I love my pupstera to pieces.. they're not really spoiled, just very loved and cherished. But, I do like to feed them really good food - no additives or full of rubbish, nutritious and tasty - which in the case of my three, usually means fish!

We also don't give them treats and such.. obviously NEVER grapes or chocolate as it could kill them, and again, nothing with additives etc in as it goes against their diet.

(***note to add... it's not that I'm fussy, Scooby has colitis which can get really bad!***)

So, what do I give them?

Well, they have James Wellbeloved food (Never ever ever ever Bakers - that's really bad and so full of stuff I don't want to go into for the sake of being sued!) and I make them their homemade goodies, like the one below I'd like to share. What do you think it is?? Now doesn't that look really yummy???

You may not have guessed it.. but it's Sardine cake, and one of the only things that send the dogs bonkers! Here's how to make it. Bear in mind, that if you are fancying it yourself, there's nothing you can't eat in it.. lol


  • One and a half cups flour (see note later)

  • Two to three eggs

  • Three tins of sardines
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together with a fork. Depending on the type of flour you use, you may need to add the third egg.
When mixed, transfer into a non stick baking tray and flatten with the fork
Bake in the centre of the oven at Gas mark 5 for around 25 minutes. It goes slightly firm and crunchy on the top. Now isn't it looking tasty??
Leave to cool slightly, loosen edges of the cake and tip onto a chopping board to cut into small chunks. I usually get around 70 chunks from this A4 size tray. (A4?? Well, I am a crafter! Probably around 8"x11")
Leave to cool and fight off the dribbling woofers, who at this moment will be giving you all the love and
attention you ever ever wanted - or didn't as the case may be!!!! Now don't they all look angelic?
I usually give them a couple of chunks when they've cooled down, and the others I crumble onto their dinner for a bit of a taste, and they also have one when they are going to bed.
Because they have nothing in them additive wise, you can give it to dogs that have a sensitive stomach. My cats are also partial to a little bit. Yes.. we do have two cats too.. an old persian lad called Senna, and a younger 10 year old black and white lassie called Kiara. They don't like their photos taken, usually Senna tips himself up on his head for you to stroke his tumty so its near on impossible to get a good piccie.
Now then.. back to the recipe..
I did say that you can use different flours. Here are the results..
  • Self raising flour - this will give your sardine 'stodge' a cakey feel.. bit like a sponge cake.
  • Soya flour - this gives a really stodgy heavy kind of texture, so my cake pieces are cut smaller.
  • Rice flour - this one is great. I usually mix it with the self raising, and it makes the cake more crumbly, a bit like a biscuit.
I don't go out to buy special flour for my dogs.. lol.. they're just what I have in my store cupboard.
You can also use different fish, so try pilchards (you're aiming for around 400g fish), tuna, salmon or a mix of all three.
That's all for now.. your dogs will love you for all eternity if you make them the cake.
I'll be back soon with another recipe .. Enjoy!


  1. I'll have to make this for my boys, sure they'll love it.

  2. Hi Jo...thanks for this great recipe...baked it and my huge lump of Golden Retriever deliciousness loved it....but tell me how long does it keep.

  3. God that sounds disgusting.... my girls will love it!


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