Thursday 29 January 2009

Another award

Well... I am feeling so honoured now.. I have recieved another award from Abi.. but I'm not sure which one i should have got, so I snaffled em both.. hehe..

Aren't these lovely awards? Thank you so much Abi.
Now I have to tell you five things I like..
1. My family - I love em all, so I guess that counts..
2. My job - working freelance for the crafting world is fantastic!
3. My friends - each and every one is wonderful in their own way.
4. Blog hopping - it keeps me in touch with the real world!
5. My pets - we have three spaniels and two puddy tats..
Now, I have to nominate five people to give these awards to. Check back later to see who you are..
I still need to go through my last award posting to sort those out too - I promise I'm getting organised.. I've got alot on at the moment.. xx

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