Friday 14 November 2008

Moan time!

You know.. there is nothing nicer for me on a cold, chilly evening, than to have a laze in the bath with my favourite magasine to flick through.. *note - favourite mag = craft mag!

I haven't bought a mag for what seems like ages now, I have far far too many as it is, so thought I would get a Craft Stamper mag, as I love stamping..

So.. I climbs into the tub, slid down into me bubbles, grabbed the mag and sighed with contentment .... until about two pages in!

WHAT is all this thing about grungy pictures?? I am beginning to feel a tad old fashioned now, as I flick through the rest of the mag with dismay. Why don't I like this grungy stuff?

My idea of stamping is to get a lovely stamp and show it's lovelyness. I like nice, clear, crisp, clean, fresh looking stamped cards... not all this mushy, multicoloured, multistamped ..errm.. mush! Needless to say, I threw down the magasine in disgust and decided - there and then - to campaign for a proper mix in the mags!!!

I know it doesn't do for us all to be the same, but there is just too much of it about these days.. I have gone through various magasines now, all of which have decided to go down the grungy, messy cardmaking stage.. but please, come on, let's get back to nice stamping and cardmaking!

Anyway.. whine over.. you know, there's no wonder I like blog hopping - it doesn't cost alot! lol.

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