Tuesday 13 November 2007

Unspringy Springer!

Sorry I haven't been around for a wee while there.. we had Holly spayed last Thursday, and we were told to keep her quiet (!!), calm (!!!!) and warm for a week.. otherwise she may harm the muscles around where they operated.. Well the first day / evening went okay.. the next day was a bit more wide awake.. and from then on just drove everyone up the twist.. lol..

Anyway, we have been being very good with her. Holly has been being very good, not too much springy-springy until the last couple of days when she's obviously been feeling a bit better. To cut a long story short.. she's been back for her post op check up and she has obviously been boinging a bit too much because her tummy is lumping up. So.. bed rest and relaxation until check up on Friday to see if it settles, if it doesn't she's on complete rest until her check up on Monday.. no walks.. no running.. no climbing stairs.. no jumping or springing (oh jolly me!!!)


Oh well..

I have been making the best use of the time keeping her quiet by making some parchment cards for someone I am in doing some work for. I would love to show you, but I'm not.. I'll keep that priviledge to the lovely lady herself if she likes them.. lol... can divulge a little more later hopefully.. but still working on other things for her. Oh secrets secrets.. aren't they awful!

That's it for now.... just to add there's no news on Lucy as yet.. still waiting to find out one way or the other. .... will post as soon as I know..

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