Monday 26 November 2007

A new addition and some news..

Firstly, our new addition.. We have had quite a busy week or so with one thing or another, but yesterday we went to pick up our new little Springer!! We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to get Holly a little friend, and those of you who read my blogs (anyone?? lol) that we had asked about little Lucy, and she had been rehomed. So. we contacted the South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue who had got a few dogs they thought were suitable for us. (us being picky, we needed to make sure they were fine with Holly, and also three cats and kids). We went off to see George, who is a great big fluffy lump (see the site for details), as he would have been our first choice.. however, he has always been with his daddy and they pined for each other when they were seperated.. He did play absolutely brilliant with Holly, and even though he is a rather large (!) springer, he is adorable. I would have bought him and his daddy home if I had a large enough house and garden. Then we looked at a little boy called Max., again he is adorable.. such a bundle of fun and he and Holly got on really well, only he was a little too giddy and the cats would probably not have tolerated him (they are 11 nearly, persian house cats). There were so many beautiful needy dogs up there, it was so sad to only have to pick one.. so if anyone is looking for a doggie and is reading this, please please think about a rescue dog?

So, we decided to go for Mitzy. Ahhh, well, what can I say? We don't have any photos of her at the moment as it's still early days but I'm sure that will be remedied..
She is mainly white, a smallish springer like Holly. She has one brown ear and one white, she's around five years old and is a very happy little poochie.. she was a bit snappy/snarly yesterday towards Holly when we got home, but she walks perfectly on the lead (apart from tangling you up. lol) and is quite happy to be fussed and play. I think she was a bit unsure yesterday with everything that happened, which is natural and she needs time to settle in.. but she played outside and walked with Holly quite happily.. This morning, Paul let her out before he went to work, and she and Holly were nuzzling each other kissing, and she was as right as rain.. so hopefully things will go really well and they become great friends and partners in crime.. (unfortunatly I can already see that one.. hehe)

Onto my next news... I *think* I've had my cards shown on tv.. I'm not sure, but I was asked to make and send off some samples of parchment with some new products for the television.. I got them finished and posted off on Friday for the Craft Extravaganza on Sat/Sun on Create and Craft. I did watch some of it, but getting ready to fetch Mitzi, I have missed nearly all, and haven't seen if my cards were shown.. is ther anyone out there who knows?? lol. That is what I was working on this last week, the weeks previous to that, I have been doing some design work for a lovely lady called Phyllis.. The work was for her companies products, and to be shown on Create and Craft again (the show was recorded last tuesday). The program doesn't come out for around another four weeks or so, but will let you know when it's on.. Of course I don't want to show these cards,as it is really upto Phyll to do that as they were for her.. That's why I haven't had anything to show for a week or so.. But. back to the grindstone.. and some cards to show later this week I guess.

Oh well.. back on puppy watch now..
bye for now..

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  1. Well done for making the samples - saw a bit of C & C but not much, so can't help by saying whether they were shown.


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